Honest question about premium domain name offerings

For SH: I have noticed that some CHs have commented (after a contest has started) that they are NOT open to premium domains. They’ve made the comment based on reviewing submissions. It was my understanding that we were not allowed to OFFER premium domain names UNLESS the CH has stated clearly in the brief they are open to them. Do I remember that right? If so, would it be possible for SH to add a question about that to the brief so that we all know if the CH is open to that? Thanks!


If you do decide SH to ask CH’s this question, make sure you mention how expensive that may be. Most names I have seen sell for several thousand dollars and one I saw a day or so ago was selling for $50,000.

Of course, I didn’t submit these names, there isn’t a way that I am aware of. And I doubt many CH’s would be inclined to spend a few thousand dollars for a domain name when they are only spending a couple hundred for our services.


@grant, can you clarify the rules on this issue as it is now because it seems CHs are getting them…

And possibly consider adding to the brief questions so we know when we can all do it or not?



Just to put a little spanner in the works… I agree with this but please think about how to word this carefully and correctly.

I’ve entered names I own in many contests, never had a problem until recently when one CH went absolutely mental, telling me I could not ‘spam him’ with my names for sale and he was going to report me to SH. (my domains are listed for sale on various markets at much higher prices).

I very politely asked him to hold his cursor over the ‘tick next to domain.com’ to see SH t&cs, which basically meant if he chose my name as the winner, I had to GIVE him the domain.

I wonder if many other CHs refer to ‘premium domains’ without realizing that if you enter a domain you own under SH t&cs you have to give them the domain.

Just putting this out as a reminder.


Oh wow, Able! yes, of course!!!

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@Commulinks - This is correct. A premium domain should not be entered unless this is asked for by the CH. We will certainly consider adding this to the brief - we’ve actually considered it previously. The concern is about confusion. Many people don’t understand how premium domains work. The question could easily be misunderstood and off-putting. We’ll continue to work on this.


Transparent Process on Premium Domains

Some CH mention it in brief, some in messages board, some in private messages to specific Participants. Participants then enter it in all kinds of format with X, numbers, hyphens, Extra suffix or preffix. etc

I feel if SH wants to allow entering such names, then there must be a clear transparent process on entering already registered or on-sale domains.

  1. If the CH requests it should be a clear titled section in the brief for everyone to see and mention a budget optionally if the choose so

  2. There should be fixed format for all participants to enter such names. May be a tickbox to mention whether its a free or on-sale domain. May be a color scheme to highlight that specific entries are registered domains

It can improve the quality of names and also clarity for participants.