Home page or marketplace paid advertising spot.

Interested to hear what other sellers think about the possibility of squadhelp adding a paid section where sellers could pay to have either individual names in a caroussel at the top of the marketplace or a link to their sh premium portfolio? Brandroot used to have this feature and it worked well. It was fairly costly, but the listing stayed at the top of their marketplace for 30 days, a small price to pay ($100) for ultimate exposure.

I don’t like the idea of paid spots for individual names, bc that’s basically already being done with the superboosts feature, but at a lower price point. For portfolio links, I see the advantages, but it seems like it would effectively price smaller domainers out of the game.


the superboost feature isnt really the same. I frequently superboost every week and very rarely do i see my name i boosted on the first page of the marketplace. This feature would showcase your domain at the top of the marketplace.

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I am not wild about it because of the expense again… and if SH did it and everyone couldn’t afford it then we would ALL be at a disadvantage every time ads ran.


No more expensive cost please, this just benefit those who have more money


SH is slowly loosing “curated” in “curated marketplace”…