HolyMoly, People!

I came late to the party for the dog fitness contest…and I tell you, you guys are on fire…as I tried to submit a bunch of clever names and it kept coming up “already submitted” over and over.

Holy cow! This will be one interesting contest.I think I’m out though. Submitted a few…but so far he hasn’t rated any of mine…so I take it he’s not interested.With 4 or 5 five star names already…I think it’s probably pretty much a done deal.

Good luck everyone!

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I agree…I pulled all my names. Didn’t like a certain comment that was made by the ch. .I don’t understand that when you follow the brief and still come up on the no or low end ,don’t make no sense to keep trying. .Like you said especially with the higher stars. .Good luck at good naming. .

Ditto Holly, a couple of mine were already submitted also, it will be interesting to see the name they choose.

It made me be a little more creative with the few entries I tried…and I managed to somehow snag a 5 star…so we’ll see! With all the submissions and talent here, I am sure it will probably be a great name!