Hobbies other than working on Contests?

I only have time for 2 hobbies. Squadhelp and painting abstracts. I tried to post a pic of one of my paintings, didn’t work.


always admired painters, I like to dance. Just realized havent had a hobby in a long time, but I did learn how to cook in pandemic.


I love to macrame :wink: It feels like meditation to me :heart_eyes:


I’m devoted to finding and wrapping perfect, yet original gifts for my loved ones (often without an occasion). So passionate about this that it surely qualifies as a hobby/mission. :slightly_smiling_face: The other one is exercising math with my daughter – I truly WORSHIP math but my formal education took me the other way, so I’m pretty much self-taught.


For many years, I was an oil painter. The only reasons I stopped were that I lost the spot in my kitchen where I loved to paint because we renovated and because I had so many paintings I didn’t know what to do with them anymore. I’ve delved into tons of crafts like scrapbooking, calligraphy, drawing, stained glass, crochet. I also love gardening. I would really like to get into mosaics now.

This is intriguing to me! How do you go about this? I would love to do this.


I used to paint miniature watercolors. Then depression set in and I haven’t painted since. I miss it terribly- with the recent reminder of an article shared last week Acquerelli grandi come un quarto di dollaro | Collater.al. It’s been three years. I feel like even if I could get myself to, I wouldn’t even know how to ya know?


I enjoy knitting. I never had much success with crochet because I’m left-handed, but knitting is great fun. Learning to read the written instructions and charts is almost like learning another language, with all the abbreviations. It’s lovely choosing colors and patterns, as well.


Well, it’s kind of ‘State of mind’. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I think of my loved ones. I enjoy giving presents with a MEANING. I don’t care for Birthdays, Christmas, or any other ‘official occasions’. I just LISTEN carefully and the ideas are pouring in. I’m creating simple, original, tiny, low-cost gifts colored with love. Fresh flowers, paper, or lace are always at my hand. Amazing way to feel real good! :slightly_smiling_face:


I just love this. I just made something for my two adult children for Xmas. When my father died in 1996, I kept only 4 things of his: 3 tshirts that he wore all the time and his watch. I wore his 3 tshirts until they were thread-bare, but I kept them. So for Christmas, I framed them and added photos of my dad with my kids. I adore doing things like that.

PS: Also, when we moved I uncovered something I had given one of my children over 20 years ago - it is a framed calligraphy I did of a really special song that was all about him. I am re-giving it to him for xmas this year, too. Somehow, it never ended up at his place. I also kept all of their really special things in special boxes for them. Yearbooks,graduation tassles, photos of their friends, something they drew when they were in kindergarten, that kind of thing. When we moved, I gave them to them.


That’s exactly what I was talking about! It doesn’t matter how small our condo is, I’ve never given up these ‘precious items’. :slightly_smiling_face: And, there are many. Gifting is a rewarding privilege! Love it!


I’ve always been addicted to researching. Last year my obsession was genetic genealogy so I could find out who my father was. I found him (YAY!) and am so proud of myself. It only took 4 years of research :smiley:

This year… I’ve well and truly gone down the rabbit hole of researching cryptocurrency and I’m hooked! There are some wonderful interviews on YouTube with ex hedge fund managers and CEO’s that already have bitcoin on their balance sheet. I used to think this stuff was for tech heads and wasn’t relevant to me. Oh boy, was I wrong. This stuff will really change how wealth is distributed. It’s such an exciting time to be alive.


remember kiddo depression lies, get those brushes out

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love to learn, baby needs retirement money.


I LOVE ancestry research, too! I’ve done a ton of that!


I started learning the flute last year. I always wanted to play it - I took the cello all through school, but never liked it much. I’ve been loving it! I took lessons over the summer, and I practice on my lunch hours during the work week.


Just jumping on to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to ALL🦃May you have good food,good times,and many BLESSINGS!!