Hmm..thought there were no more private messages to CH

I thought the capability to send private messages to a CH in an active contest was suspended.However…by cryptic answers that are posted by CH’s on the comment pages…it seems that at least in several cases, creatives are asking questions about the contest privately, and the CH’s are answering publically.But since we weren’t all privy to the question…we don’t understand the answer. What is the current policy on this,please?


Thank You for asking this @hollygirl. I was wondering the same thing, or thought I was possibly missing some of the messages.

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@hollygirl, we haven’t yet made the changes to block private messaging to contest holders however we plan to make these changes in future.

Creatives are not allowed to ask any questions privately that might give them advantage over others. If we find that any creative is taking advantage of this feature and not following our policy, we will take action.


Still seeing cryptic messages being posted by CH’s which mean people are private messaging about wanting them to rate or give feedback on their entries, or other things…


Not to belabor the point…but why are we still getting cryptic answers on the comments page from CH’s who are obviously answering a private message…with questions for info that should have been posted openly so all could benefit, instead of trying to get one upmanship by private messaging so they can be be privy to info that should be shared for all?

I feel there are still lots of people misusing private messaging,and trying to get an advantage.


yes please just do away with Pm’s and have all go through entry comments only , seen some as high as 50 in only a few months, what possibly do you have to say in a PM, That couldn’t be said via entry comments???, unless your sending a PM to stand out!!!,


a. The Comments page for Contest questions NO private questions
b. Entry comments pertaining only to your entry and
c. PM’s only if CH contacts you via PM first.

Seems logical to me :smile:

and: [quote=“seezall, post:6, topic:1435”]
seen some as high as 50 in only a few months,
[/quote]…WHAT??? how does one amass that many PM’s in just a few months…unless they’re discussing the weather :wink:


…Or The Walking Dead? :grimacing:


That is crazy! I only message back if the CH asks me a question or makes a comment for me to respond to… or on the rare occasions anymore if I win a contest…then I thank them after.


Also if not allowing ‘new’ creative to do a public message to the CH, I wonder if it would be okay if we could have a topic on the forums where we can ask for someone else in that contest to ask a question for us, because time and time again, I would like to ask something and no one else asks it and then I’m hitting brick walls on creativity to be able to submit things that haven’t already been submitted. Like, for instance, there was a contest a couple days ago that I was trying to enter and I guess I apparently stumbled on 4 (yes, four) things that had been submitted to the contest already -_- Great minds think alike, I suppose.

If it’s permissible by SH, you can private message me with your question and if it’s within the permitted scope of questions I will ask it for you. :smile:


I’d like that, if it’s allowed. Just frustrating not being able to get the ball rolling on some contests because I’m limited in what I’m able to do.

@rareworthy, Before you know it, the 1-2 weeks ’ newbie probation’ you are currently on will be lifted :slight_smile:

@vision Today is actually 2 weeks for me.

Have you been getting any yellow or green face ratings, @rareworthy ? If so, it shouldn’t be too much longer for you.


Not sure better safe…


not sure so better safe…

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Not sure so removed, better safe…

I would again like to remind everyone that discussing specific contests or contest holders in this fashion is not allowed in the forums. If you have questions or concerns about any contest, please contact us directly so that we can look into the contest, take any necessary actions, and provide you with as much information as we can.

Any posts which question the ethics of our paying customers or other creatives especially without clear facts are not allowed in this forum and we will take further actions if you have already received a prior warning.

@LauraE Sometimes my entries aren’t even viewed at all but yes I’ve been getting a few like and right tracks and nos but mostly no ratings, or no views being the most consistent

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