Highlighted contests

I hate asking this question because I actually like trying to figure stuff like this out (I’m a dork like that) but I can’t seem to decipher what it means when a contest is highlighted blue. It’s kinda driving me crazy and I just know it’s probably something obvious :persevere:

Can anybody enlighten me? Lol

No idea- I thought it was invitation vs. public, but it is not that…

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Lol I know…ever since the update I thought I’ve solved the mystery several times only to prove myself wrong later on :unamused:

I have been working on that mystery as well. Thought it was contests that I hadn’t entered …but not the case. Maybe it is just to add color to the screen :slight_smile:


Depending upon the pricing package for the contest, we show certain contests highlighted in a different color on the contest listing page. We also feature certain contests on our home page (for example, the ones purchased with Gold package).

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So really all I’m hearing is there were never really any solid clues for me to come to that conclusion myself LOL Okay…I feel better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just kidding…thanks for solving the mystery Dan :smile: