Hi there, new and just thinking

how tough it is for someone to rate 1000 plus changing entries. I am also wondering if they see entries submitted toward the end. I am enjoying creating. I am also wondering who retains rights to our submissions. Thanks, glad to be here, Lisa

Welcome @Slogana! I am fairly new here myself but have participated pretty frequently so I may be able to offer some insight. The one thing to remember is that EVERY contest and CH are different. Some CHs are individuals who are the sole decision maker, some are one of many decision makers. The entries can be viewed quickly with excellent and consistent feedback and sometimes there may be no feedback and no ratings until the end of the contest if at all. Some contests end with a winner chosen quickly, some take quite awhile.

SH has a policy that if no winner is chosen by the CH within 30 days of the contest closing, then they will choose a winner based on a specific system they have. So be patient even though it can take awhile :smile:

As for the rights to our submissions, unless you yourself own the domain, the CH will own the rights if that is the name chosen. If it is an unchosen name, you can continue to use it in other contests. Always make sure to go back to your submissions to check for the availability in case it has been registered. If it has, SH has a process for reporting it.

Hope this helps and sorry it was so long winded!!
Welcome again :smiley:


thaks for you kindness, not long winded at all, you should see me! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hiw do you check for availability and what does the checkmark next to names mean thanks