Hi. Newbie questions. Bear with me. :)


Hello Squad!

I have been doing this for about a month now and I have some questions.

When I submit a name to a contest, does the client see how many times it’s been suggested before? It seems this would taint the name, even if it’s actually one that’s appropriate for the client, so I’m wondering if they see those “Fun Fact: this name has been suggested three billion times before” notices that we see.

If I submit a domain name for the marketplace and it is rejected, does that mean it’s out of the running for good, or can someone else submit it and have it accepted?

Thanks in advance.


Edge, No, they cannot see how many times. And on the domain for the marketplace question… the answer is: ALMOST ALWAYS, another creative cannot submit that name. The button disappears to sub it if someone else has. But I say almost always because I do “think” there is one way around that and I am not going to post what that is… these situations are dealt with 1:1 with the SH team… and may not be happening but… could be. If you see one of your names end up in the marketplace after you got rejected… contact the team.