Hi everyone just joined today:) *wave* & question about $599 names

Curious regarding names I see that some have listed for sale, all @ the $599 price point, yet it appears that (because I’m a newbie and none Tier A) I don’t have access to this feature. All it gives me is a way to submit a name as it may relate to a contest. But if I have a name that I purchase for $200, or a name I’ve been renewing for 7 years I wouldn’t want to submit as a possible choice. I assume the $599 names are sep[arate and SH receives a commission. Helpful for the future when/if I make it to Tier 1.

@Terrafirma…welcome. If you go to your “My Account” tab. On the left side choose “My Owned Domains”. at the top there should be a spot called “Add New Owned Domain”. You can enter these names into a contest, but be advised that you will only get the award for that contest. Example if the contest is for $100 that’s what you’ll get. If a contest holder wants to buy the name directly, you will receive $300 out of the $599. Once you list your domain here…it cannot be listed on any other site for sale. Hope this helps

The best way to find the answer is to use the blue button in the bottom right hand corner.It should pop up when you enter a contest

Hi @Terrafirma,

I believe you’re speaking about Instant Domains: https://www.squadhelp.com/premium-domains-for-sale

Anyone within the Squadhelp Creative Community can nominate their own non-winning contest entries for consideration in Instant Domains. Currently, we only consider available domains that have been submitted to a Squadhelp contest. Unfortunately, the two examples you’ve provided would not be eligible for this program.

Here is a Help Article about our Instant Domains project:

This would be a domain that you own. If you want to offer it up for sale in the marketplace go back to my previous post and follow directions for adding

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