Hey, Everybody!


Don’t know if anyone has noticed or not…but I have pretty much been MIA the last several months. Serious personal and family issues have made it impossible to devote much( if any )time at SH,unfortunately.
Today is my birthday,and I was thinking of all my friends here,and thought I’d check in.
Without going into all the hard and stressful things that have happened,I do have 2 situations that I would appreciate prayers or good thoughts if anyone feels so inclined, please. My son in law had a massive stroke at the beginning of the year,and then congestive heart failure. The week before Christmas,he received a heart transplant! I am leaving next week to go be his caretaker for the next two months. Then on Christmas,my sweet oldest daughter had a massive heart attack. They both survived,by the grace of God…but they will have a recovery ahead. So any good thoughts would be welcome. I believe they help.
In the meantime,wishing all of you best of luck and good naming mojo! I’m not gone forever…but need to tend to all these things. Miss you all! Hugs!


Sending prayers and blessings to you all. And, happy birthday from one January bday girl to another!


Sounds like very trying times. At least they both survived. A small comfort but still. Be strong. Hopefully the recovery will be fast and you’ll have the time and presence of mind to get back to SH ASAP. Only the best to you and your family.


Happy birthday HollyGirl! Yes that sounds like you’ve been through quite a bit. As a consolation, I find these things make us truly treasure life and the people around us that little bit more. I hope everything goes well for you and you find some well deserved time for yourself :slight_smile:


Prayers for their swift recovery. We are with you.


I wish ,You a lot of strength, health and peace of mind! I sincerely hope that You will return to us!


Sending prayers and hugs @hollygirl!


Happy birthday dear Holly Girl! It seems that life really tests you and your family for stamina; don’t give up, and soon good times will surely come. I am sure that you deserve it like no other! I wish with all my heart - may you and all your relatives be healthy and happy!


Hi Hollygirl,
I Wish God grants you the strength to face the tough times. I know things are not that winning and rosy and easy here on Squad Help also. God often tests us. Doing the right deed and taking care of the loved ones is our duty and keeping the strength is more important.


Hi Holly…I think of you alot especially around the holidays. This past year or so has been really trying on your family. Im so glad that your daughter and son-in-law are on the mend. How are you? Being a caregiver takes alot out of a person, be sure to take care for yourself too!
Happy Birthday Holly…my wish for you is a break, physically and emotionally
Let the songbird sing :cake:


Prayers to you and your family!


Best wishes for a brighter new year!


You know you have my prayers sweetie, and Happy Birthday :blossom: May this year be a heck of a lot better than your last.


You are among the mightiest women I’ve ever know, Holly! Happy Birthday. I am sending positive vibes for your family to come out of all this happy and healthy.


Happy Birthday Holly…and Prayers for all to be well and good⚘⚘In Jesus’Loving Name♥️


Happy birthday Holly! You truly are an incredibly strong Mama! Prayers to you and your family for continued strength and healing. Remember, God can’t let you take on more than you can handle…you shall overcome in Jesus’ name. Sending you much love and prayers from friends in Kenya


Happy Birthday! and prayers for healing and fast recovery for your son-in-law and daughter. :pray:


Happy birthday…I pray for fast recovery for both of them and with full joy.


I’m praying for you and your family too, Sweet Holly… :pray:

Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER!!! :revolving_hearts:


Things can only get better now, and I hope it all falls in place at the earliest. Stay Strong :muscle: