Hey Everybody! How is everyone?

Okay super small world. I cannot believe that you knew what it was by first guess!!
But yes- after years of searching and infinite testing, I think I found out why I feel like :poop: all the time.

Who would have thunk. Iron.
So this goes to everyone. PLEASE HAVE YOUR IRON TESTED LOL. Especially my boys here.

I was blessed with two C282Y mutations and then another form that comes with HH 4 that causes ferritin to load faster.

How did you find out if I may ask? Do you load? By horrors it sounds like you have some idea.

Just knowing though I have friends on the squad that deal with depression is oddly comforting. We are all here for each other and that’s something I never considered when signing up for SH :rofl::two_hearts:

I’d love if we had sort of like a mental support chill rant area about life offline. I’d love to be able to just openly support everyone. Even if it was getting upset about someone’s driving that day.

In reference to father in law- oh my gosh @Slogana that gave me chills… you probably meant the world to him… it’s crazy how meaningful those moments are. Like I’m tearing up over here.

To the medical… boy to I know it. Analysis paralysis all day. Trust me I’m trying to stay off the research but it’s hard since there is so little about it. I did find a Facebook support group that sort of is comforting. Everyone posts their blood draw selfies lol. Otherwise it’s depressing… so I hear you loud and clear. Also- you honestly don’t give yourself enough credit. :two_hearts:


@littodino , I did the AncestryHealthDNA test at Ancestry,com (they no longer support that test). I found out I was a carrier of the gene and that my children could possibly be born with it. Thank God, not one of them has it. Hopefully, all of this will level out for you soon! It must be horrible going through it!

(The blood letting was the give away).


Seems like my care taking role has been kick started, I should not have let things go this far, Im scared of failing. i have already failed. The guilt wont help me or her now. Í will take those prayers Laura. Í’m dreading the unknown and uncomfortable. I slacked on personal stuff and have to get it together so I can handle it. thanks for being just an outlet to say Im not up to par and guilty as heck.


I know it’s a scary road to take. Just take it one step at a time. And don’t feel guilty or inadequate ! That guilt will hinder you if you keep beating yourself up. This is a learning process. The first step I think to take is to find out what elder services are available in your area and talk with anyone in the know on where to find help. In the USA, each state and county has various of services like paid respite (that was in SC) for you, Each state is different, but see if there are free volunteers who can help you with some daily tasks. This is for you to take care of yourself and give you some relief from the emotional and physical strain of taking care of a loved one. This is a must!! You also need to set boundaries with your aunt in the way of conflict and expectations. You’re not her slave. Feel free to message me anytime, @Slogana . I may not be able to get back with you right away as my mom’s condition worsens.


ah Laura you are so sweet, Im sorry bout your mom worsening I will pray. Shes in hospital released tomorrow. I found out yesterday. They convinced her to change ins and doctors been a disaster. Over an hour and a half away. Pandemic got to her, medication went kaplooey and we could neither get a visiting nurse last winter and ins wouldnt talk to me without without poa, I desperately trying for a thirty day trial at a closer assisted living. She would not let nurses in her home, gave away all mode of communication. today was good I felt empowered by taking action. we have bern looking into respite because my understanding is they can help w admission. I feel she steps foot at home we are square one again, no communication and not knowing shes ok. we just need a month where we know her meds are administered so we can get her stable, I want her to feel like its a medical vacay if possible. shes traumatized, needs a diff environment terrified of losing choice which we wont do


I thought I would let everyone know here in this topic, that my mom died peacefully at Rex Hospital in Raleigh, NC on Sept 17. She was 87 years old. My youngest brother and myself were with her to the end. I can’t thank Hospice and the hospital Chaplain enough for all the help, compassion, care, prayers, love and services they provided to my mom and to us. I know sharing personal stuff can make some people uncomfortable, but I do know that it doesn’t stop that person from caring. Life can be very brutal and I am very thankful for you guys for allowing me to share!


My condolences to you and your family. Sending prayers your way. I understand the brutality of life as I lost my son 3 months ago. I truly believe them finally being at peace is what gets me through the hard days. Much love your way.


((((Jackie)))) I didn’t know that!! I’m so sorry for your loss!! Loosing a child is such unimaginable pain. Thank you for your prayers, I’ll be praying for you too as you and your family try to rebuild your lives along side the thorny pillar of hurt and grief. Much love to you too!!


@jackieheraty and @LauraE I am so sorry for your loss!
Prayers and love to you both!!


Thank you @vegangirl !


Oh Miss Laura - How my heart breaks for you! :broken_heart:

I’m glad you were able to be by her side, as she transitioned.

You and your Family are in my prayers as well :cry:


Awe, Laura, I am so sorry for your loss. It is so difficult. Besides the heartbreak, you feel fuzzy in the head for a while, too. Wishing you and your family all the best.


@LauraE and @jackieheraty , I am very sorry for your loss


@LauraE and @jackieheraty

I pass my empathy to both of you during this time. Know that you are both being thought of and kept in mind and that I hope you both continue on with all the beautiful strength that you have and that you have shown. You both are truly beautiful and amazing and I know that the light that both of you have will see you through this. Know that I am here and that there are so many others here that are as well and we can be the support when and if you need it.


ah Laura Im sorry. Hospice was a godsend for my mom too. I know firsts are hard. Im sure the season is hard. Grief is funny, smacks you on the head when you least expect it and in very weird ways. You have friends here.


Oh Jackie… Im so sorry. Sending this out with a prayer that you get whatever you need.


An anxious headspinning truth hating sad mess Aaaaannnd looking forward with a can will do attitude. (Thats new) Self honesty honestly sucks. Im beginning to lean on talks and looking into podcasts, because if I could have made it happen all on my own I would have by now. But I just had a win yeah! so theres that.


@LauraE and @jackieheraty I’m sending you two so much love. I cannot even imagine- I’m thankful for you two and we are all always here to talk :two_hearts:

@Slogana self work is one thousand percent a win. Everyone should be working on themselves- you’re doing what many refuse to do. You can do anything. If you find anything good- send them my way!


@ littodino will do, check out ted talk 99 problems, its a good start, another good thing is the song closer to fine.


Thank you, @AlwriteyThen , @Commulinks , @grant , @rareworthy, @Slogana and @littodino for your warm condolences. I appreciate it very much!