Hey Everybody! How is everyone?

I’m writing from Raleigh, NC, where my mom lives. I’ve been gone from SH for about a year and a half because of serious family health and family (grandson and daughter) personal problems that have left me stressed, mentally and emotionally drained and brain cell deficient.

i have a mother who is slowly dying from congestive heart failure and copd. She’s been snatched from death so many times by incredible doctors. I live in West Virginia, but I had to relocate my mom from beautiful South Carolina to North Carolina to an assisted living facility. ( I have a major rant list about that too!) I have had to travel a lot back and forth between Raleigh and Huntington, WV. Unfortunately, I do not receive any help from my brothers (I’m the only girl) So I had to drastically scale back from normal life and focus on the issues and duties before me.

Well, the issues still exist but I feel brain cells and life returning so here I am. Please know that I have missed my SQ family very much!! Over the years, I’ve made some absolutely the greatest of friends here that I’ve neglected as well because of the weight of depression, and the depilating mental mush (Gosh, I’m tearing up as I write this!).

I’m somewhat part time with SquadHelp now and contribute in a few contests but nothing like before. I miss the ‘old days’ of SH when it was just naming and we focused more on fun banter in the forums. We would try and get the forum moderation “Dan”'s attention! He was a blast. We found out later he was “Darpan” the CEO. And believe it or not, the naming contests had less than 80 entries in each contest! How special we all felt when the 'Senior Lounge" was created and we were invited to it! Today, 'm mostly concentrating on the other side of SH of selling my domains. I was thinking last week, I wish one of my domains would sell to cover travelling expenses. That very day a domain sold!! So yes, non professional domainers can sell domains too.

I’ve read the posts of others here who have been suffering through tough circumstances, deep depression, other troubling issues. My heart goes out to you all. Please know, that I have prayed for each person who have posted their suffering.

I’ll let you all go back to naming now :slight_smile:


Love to you Laura. I am glad you are starting to feel the upside. Prayers your way to keep an upward momentum (health and healing)


Hey Jackie!! Good to ‘see you’ !! Thank you, dear friend!


I’m so glad to see you here, Laura, yet so sorry to hear of all of the struggles. It’s all so hard sometimes. So glad to know that things have improved a bit.


Thanks CLinks. I never thought I could organize all of the big and necessary tasks that needed to be done for her. I didn’t know I could be the only rational adult in the room with all of my brothers. I never thought I could do it all. But I did and am still doing it (despite it being the next to the hardest thing I’ve been involved with. My husband and two of my daughters have been so supportive too. Though, it’s very hard for me, I am choosing to look more at the positive instead of the negative.


Boy, you have no idea how much I relate to what you said!!!


I know you can! I visted your Brands website. So impressive, Links!!!


Hi Laura I just wanted to reach out to you, Im super sorry. Taking care of, worrying, being at the mercy of doctors, family and insurance is taxing. Is there any way at all you can get respite help, meaning someone that comes occasionally to give you a break? Siblings often dont jump in till you jump out or vocalize, no mind readers. Tell them you need a week. Meanwhile I offer you something innapropriate.

whats the difference between people from Abu Dhabi and people from Dubai? The people from Dubai don’ like the Flinstones and the people from AbuDhabi Do. wink.

Sweetheart Im sorry you are going thru depression or have, the thing about that is it takes us away from the very things that can pull us out of it. Reach out, dont deprive people of your company, tell it to blank off, check in with doc and be honest, play music, watch happy inspiring things.


For my part, it seems like I am chosen to try and help an elderly aunt, I feel unqualified, a bit frightened like I am failing and guilty, so your words I never thought I could helped.


Thank you, Slogana for your kind words! When it comes to my brothers, well, the family dynamics has been ‘men folk take care of men folk’ and 'women folk take care of women folk" totally sexist, but there it is. Also, they don’t want to help. Then, they’re the types that i wouldn’t trust to do anything in a timely, loving and efficient matter anyway :smiley: I laugh now because I don’t have any expectations of them. It was different when I did have expectations. But as I said, the experience has been good (sans stress and aggravations) for me. I will have no regrets when my mom’s time comes.

Cute joke about the Flintstones!


Yes, you can!! You gave me some excellent advice. Make sure you follow them too!


Soooo glad you (finally) let us know where you’ve been and what you’ve been dealing with, Sweetheart :heart:

You know I’ve missed you (and our little “Chats”) terribly :worried:

Sorry you have to carry the entire load, but…

Remember, when YOU are weak, HE is strong! :muscle:


Hugs to you @LauraE !!!
Best of luck to you :blush:


I’m sending you so much freaking love and now you have me crying right now. Although I cannot even imagine what you’re going through- you are so extremely strong love.

I’ve been pretty quiet over here as well, and I had been meaning to make a similar post for 3 months now but the depression has been so heavy on me. Earlier this year I found out I have a rare Hereditary blood disorder that I’m going to have to have treatment for, for the rest if my life. I started treatment 3 weeks ago after chasing doctors trying to find someone who knows how to treat it- and boy I’m I exhausted… I have to get therapeutic blood drains forever and they’re already taking a toll on me. I feel like I’m 25 going on 80.

I’m struggling in ed recovery due to side effects of the blood stuff- so of course that carries over to my participation here. I just feel like I’ve complete been failing on SH and life in general so idk where I’m going with this just I wish I could give you a hug.

I wish I could say my inbox is open to some girl pow-wow ranting but for some reason the messages never deliver.

We had to deal with the joys of the horrific assisted living situations and siblings as well with my grandmother so I can only imagine what you have to say.

Know that scaling back and having the burden of depression is okay- we will ALWAYS be here for you. Just please make sure that you are taking care of you as well- even if it’s just simple things like having meals made and hygiene. Again I’m sending you so many hugs- as I’m under 2 weighted blankets and heavily advil-ed with a migraine right now. Your post reminded me I need to get up and try to eat. Self care squad.


@AlwriteyThen , I’ve really missed you and the others too! I’m so sorry for not keeping in touch!

Amen! He has helped me immensely. I had a “Trust Me” meeting with Him :slight_smile:


@vegangirl , Thank you for the hugs!! I appreciate that very much!


@littodino ,

I’m passing the @vegangirl hugs over to you and @Slogana too. Thank you for your love too. That means a lot to me!

I appreciate your transparency and openness in sharing, Depression is very serious, (for those who don’t know, there are several different types and levels of depression) not only can it overcome someone, but it also leaves them physically and mentally depleted. And with your physical problems, well, I can’t imagine what you’re going through! If you don’t mind me asking, do you have Hemochromatosis? I’m a carrier of it, and what you’re describing sounds like it. Horrors!

One thing we girls need is a good support system! Perhaps SH @grant can create a private channel for us to share since messaging seems to be a problem? (that way the 'menfolk" don’t have to suffer from our transparency :smiley:


I had no regrets either but was on entertainment, didn’t deal with insurance fights, jut played lots of old time music, rolled him out on breezeways gown and all and joked about flashing cars. Still think of father in law and smile when I hear them and remember him singing. Truth, he was heavily sedated, room was sad, we just got on scene. No response for two days. Crushed my guy, I said lets play music, he was against it. I didn’t listen, Old man started singing in his sleep, woke up. We played music and sang for three more years.


Hey kiddo. Stay In The Day, and stay off of medical searches, till you get a handle and even then its dicey. I did the rest of my life with diabetes, did homework and freaked out, never mind that I am a sugar fiend. 2nd opinions are awesome. I have been undiagnosed before. Even if not, we are an adaptable species. The rest of your life gets easier and easier. Remember what I told you about Stinking Thinking. Cant trust it. You are not failing. You are human. Fill those cracks with gold babe. In Japanese or chinese culture, they consider the cracked pot the most beautiful. Do me a favor, sign yourself up for dance accepts everyone or something inspiring, joyous even. I expect an accountability checkmark when done. Hugs. ps Im a bit worried re if this treatment is best for you.


Also look into respite, depending on insurance, its covered