Heres a question for admin

where do contests go between pending and closed - all the pending ones dont show on my profile stats

I know because Im waiting for one to close that Im leading in :wink:

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@Jose, all contests should be visible in the main contest listing page if you select the status filter on the left. Can you give an example of contest which is not showing, and we will look into it?

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they all seem to drop off the bottom when they get old so to speak - Im talking about my personal profile where it shows how many pending contests there are - but it doesnt show them all

I only noticed because I was watching it then it disappeared the next day- there may be others that I wasnt watching

maybe there is a no mans land between pending and closed :wink:

In My Contests section, we were showing contests that started within last 30 days. This is the reason some of the older contests were not showing. We have changed the limit to 60 days now. That should cover all pending contests now.


Thank You for the rapid response & fix- Very much appreciated :sparkles:

well thats a bummer - you dont usually manage to link a ch to a bought domain whenever I have queried one.

I have always been told that you are not able to and I should contact the ch.

Just wondering what changed in this case

Would I be right in saying that you are now able to do this if I query something in the future