Heres a fun idea!

Has anyone seen the uk tv program QI where a siren goes off if people give the most obvious answer to something (thats is always wrong lol)
How about a siren going off when we enter words that have been used hundreds of times and we lose points for it… I have a few words in mind lol

I don’t think you’ll get alot of support if it entails creatives losing points. I could see this whittling away at all your points. Forget tier A status based on points then. Since most words have been used over and over again,. I see no need to be punished for repeating a word. Just my two cents worth.


We have something called Family Feud. A game show in which people clap and cheer and shout ‘good answer’ no matter how bad the answer really is.

I have noticed that some people love everything that wins , surely thats not possible lol
I think I truely liked about 20 since I joined
I understand showing positive energy , but what do you do for the ones you love if you liked every name that won :wink:

[quote=“CreativeJohnny, post:1, topic:2506”]
I have a few words in mind - LOL - [/quote]
Me too, but I think I’ll plead the Fifth :smile:


I hate word Fifth :0)

Well Johnny…there isn’t a multiple choice on the winners page you either like it or leave it😀 kinda like relationships in my opinion😋

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@CreativeJohnny Take a good hard look at the username you have selected :stuck_out_tongue:

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@AlwriteyThen…you crack me up lol that was brilliant

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I’m confused…could you explain? If you were talking about my post? Thanks!

Johnny, the longer your around, the more you’ll see names repeated. Just how it is. About two years ago. We we’re all over the use of the word “edge”. It won so many times either on it’s own or as a suffix to another word. Thing that always makes me smh is when a winning name chosen is actually already an international brand.

i dont even know what to say … But I have a Question … WHY?

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@Marye5 Just trying to poke some fun at OP.

Beauty is in the eye of the Contest Be-Holder


Indeed. None of us creatives has to like the winning names, just the Contest holder.

I don’t like half of the names or styles of names I submit, but I am open to the idea and possibility that other people may see or need things differently. Separating what you like from what others may like is one of the biggest difficulties when naming (At least initially).


@lightless…!0! !0!..whewwww…I thought I did something wrong…thanks for replying…but who is OP?

In online forums, OP or Original Poster is the person who started a discussion thread, Creative Johny in this case. I’ve gotten so used to some of this Jargon that I automatically assume everyone knows what I am talking about.

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Lol. …I blame my reaction on having one of those “Leave it to Beaver moments”…lol. .