Here is something puzzling

why do people enter contests when its obvious the ch has made some sort of error, without asking a question about it ?
Are they afraid to ask ?
I dont want to be the first to ask everytime but on most contests there is some doubt about something in my opinion

Not sure what you mean by error. Spelling? That happens all the time. Or when the CH put little to no info?

I mean they ask for a name and the contest is for a tagline or something like that , but people still enter before they know what it is

I have seen too many briefs in which it was difficult to discern if the person wanted a product name or a business name. And these contests had more than 100 entries and no one asked. I usually just skip it and if I have the time, I will come back later. Sometimes it can be that I am simply not reading the brief right.

What’s puzzling to me is when creatives ask the over-used question, ‘if you have seen but not rated my entries, can I delete the entries and submit something new?’. This coming from creatives who have only submitted 3 names and can submit 25. So, why ask that particular question when what you really want to say, can you rate my entries so that I can see where I stand? Just be straight-forward and honest if you have to ask.


Unfortunately I might have to ask a question on virtually every contest lol.I am surprised so few get answered though .

Haha…imo you’re absolutely right. That is exactly why they ask. But we aren’t allowed to ask a CH to rate entries, to my knowledge that is against the rules and will get you in trouble so that’s just a clever way around it. If they say go ahead and delete then you know it’s not a case where they intend to come back and rate. It essentially serves as a NTY rating.

It really is a drag when entries are left unrated. We are left wondering if they just took a quick glance and will come back or if they intend to never consider it again.

In regards to keeping good percentiles and being a successful creative SH recommends entering a few names and then waiting for feedback before entering again. But when you get no feedback do you move on or continue to shotgun ideas, potentially affecting your ranking (which definately affects your ability to freely participate) in hopes that you’re on the right track??

I kinda wish ratings were mandatory. It’s not like once rated it’s set in stone. We all do this knowing we aren’t gauranteed any money but it’d be nice if we were atleast guaranteed ratings!!

It is a bit extreme tho, huh? Lol


Hi Creative Johnny-
I know what you mean…I try to clarify when I have a question on a contest or if something doesn’t make sense–or let SH know when things are really fouled up. What gets me is when creatives put really needless self- serving comments. It’s fine to occasionally say I like your idea, product etc.- but there are some ( one currently ) that does it WAY to often, asks really pointless & inane questions… I find it embarrassing and unprofessional. I won’t name any names but maybe this particular creative will read this!


If comments on contests by creatives are really irrelevant or pointless, report them to Squadhelp. Maybe the creatives are just oblivious and a reminder by the Squadhelp team could wisen them up.


maybe English is a second language so we have to give some leeway.English is my first language and I have to look up the jargon some contest holders fill the brief with;-)

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Right-- sometimes it is a 2nd language situation which is understandable… it is funny how some CH’s think we know what all the jargon and acronyms mean in their particular industry. At least it is a learning process for all of us when we have to look it up!

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Yes. Software consultants in particular use tons of industry-specific acronyms and things like coding language names of which I have only the basic surface knowledge. You either learn quickly or past up opportunities.

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