Helpful Addition To Briefs?

Hi. i was wondering if SH admin would consider adding a name style/type preference to the brief to help us understand from the jump what kind of names to enter instead of learning by trial and error. For example:
Name style preference:
Real (e.g.Apple)
Misspelled (e.g. LyfeStyle)
MadeUp (e.g.Google)
MashUps (e.g. Novadigm- nova + paradigm)
Foreign Language

Name type preference:

It would be helpful to me as many clients do not include examples of names they like or dislike and will not respond if asked in the comments by a creative.


@tkpro72, thanks for the suggestion. This was also suggested earlier by few other contestants and we are working on something along this line. Stay tuned.


I noticed the new info added to the briefs. That really helps a bunch. Thank you for adding it.

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Ive noticed a lot of chs just seem to leave it there as is—so Im not sure that its helping as much as we had hoped