Help with Best entry issue


I tried to do Best Entry, but it “double” starred the same entry and won’t let me star a second option.
Can you remove one of the stars off the same entry so I can star a second choice please and thank you.

Jackie you may get better response if you use blue button and provide link to contest didn’t know you could double star though, really says I love this entry))))

Thanks Seez…I didn’t WANT to double star

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@jackieheraty, I checked with the team and looks like this is now working for you. Please contact them again if you see any other issues.

Could there be something in place that Best entries are awarded to “Active” users?


Or that if a contest asks for 2 words that an entry with 3 words doesn’t win?

I just want to say I hope everyone realizes 90% of what I say is to benefit all not just a gripe

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