Help! Ratings glitch:(

Ok lately I have had alot of entries go from 4 and 5 star down to 2’s or they completely disappear! At first I figured, ok Im having a rough week and Im just cursed. But then it happened again yesterday in the Social Media contest. My entry went to a 5 then a 2 a few mins later. So I decided to ask the CH.And she said she did NOT change my entry and asked me to reenter. IF this is a glitch, I am not very happy to say the least. One minute Im trending next minute my entry is disqualified. I have been deleting them and possibly losing out. Would appreciate it if anyone cld tell me if they had this happen and @Dan how does this get resolved?!

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Ok I just went through my points section, I have dozens of entries that were marked down, one right after another! I go from 30 points to zero! I have lost over 2000 points in just 2 days. I will add pic so you can see example.

@kelkat, we have been monitoring this issue closely for last few days - there doesnt appear to be any glitch. The contest holders have the ability to select multiple entries at the same time, and assign them the same rating - and it is possible that they might have accidentally included one of your previously rated entries again while selecting multiple entries for rating. We will further improve the UI to minimize any accidental selection but the rating feature is working properly.

Regarding your comment about losing 2000 points in last 2 days, we are not able to see this in the system. We checked your account activity since October 21, and this is what we see:

You earned a net of 461 points during this period (for rating and contest participation). You used 1450 points for best entry selection. If you are seeing any other issue with your points, please share it with us and we will look into this further. To help with resolution of any account specific issues, it is best to send an email to

Well I might not be the only one, the CH also stated she remembered rating MORE 5 stars that she does not see anymore! Soo creatives may want to check there history to. somethin is not right, sorry


is just a small section of point changes from this contest. -20, -3 and also the -30 and so on! She states this was not her, so now what?.:frowning:

@Dan please help. If CH would not have added positive comment to my 5 star, I never wld have thought twice about it.

Since they are all different how can these be multiple auto select ratings? Not trying to raise heck, but this is not good for anyone if its something that needs to be addressed:) tyvm

@kelkat, Contest holders have the ability to change the ratings at any time. They can do it via bulk change or they can do it individually by hovering over the rating stars again. We have re-checked the system, and it is not possible for the system to assign a different rating unless it was selected specifically by the CH. It is possible that it may have been done by accident - and we will consider adding an additional confirmation message in the system to reconfirm, especially if it involves changing a previous rating. However, we do not see any glitch in the rating system at this stage.


maybe its the bulk thing thats not working - ive noticed ratings for the same name changing within mili-seconds - they start at 4 and end up at two usually–its not enough time for the ch to change their minds four times


Ty Jose!:slight_smile: I know Im not the only one, and when I see one after another after another for same contest, its kind of ridiculous. Ive had names that showed rated under activity, but then disappeared all together from list.
From now on I will have to monitor all activity, until that all for one easy touch button is removed. Still not to happy

If the CH sees names diappearing to, something is amiss. But tyvm for reply

@kelkat, You are not alone. lol.

@Dan; I messaged you the other day about this same issue. I also sent in a couple screen shots along with the message. Here they are again.

**Even if it isn’t an actual glitch, the system needs to be tweeked somehow. At any rate, thanks for looking into it Dan.

Ty Kral, I was starting to worry that I was going crazy, lol.
Either way like you said, its waayyy to easy for CH to misrate entries, and needs addressing. Tyvm Dan

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We will work on improving the UI for this page, so that any accidental ratings can be minimized.

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seems a lot of work to go back and reduce threes to twos, when they never use the 5 option.
Quite odd really - why not just promote the ones you like to a five


Makes perfect sense to me.

@Dan, One of the contest holders explained in the comments yesterday, that the reason they gave out over 300 one star ratings was because in doing so he wouldn’t have to go to the trouble of deleting them. Thus freeing up his list.

Would it be possible for the chs to have an easy option for deleting them without making us all look bad. lol.

tam. (thanksamillion)

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