Help! can't see my additional entries!

Can see entries made days ago but none submitted today on Halloween site. What happened?

look just below where entries should be, Where they Hidden? you might see a box that says hidden check there first perhaps!

I can’t either.I submitted a name last night and it was gone today.Resubmitted it and gone again. No hidden entry button.

@SeaSpray and @Tammy, can you PM me an example of an entry you submitted which is not showing? We will look into it. Also, were there any quotes in the entry you submitted?

@Dan, I sent name to you. Thanks

I don’t think there were quotes. I never use them.

Got it. Looks like there was an apostrophe in your submission which might be causing the issue. We will fix this ASAP and post an update soon

Thanks , strange though I dont usually add anything like that.

Can you please try to submit now, and let us know if you still experience any issues. We apologize about the issue you faced.

Thanks Dan, I see it!

Dan I have 7 submissions in this contest all unrated but I cant see them doesn’t show any were hidden either?

Same here Seezall! Can’t re submit them because it will say already submitted by another contestant

We are looking into this issue. Will get this fixed soon.

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Same thing in other contests too, not just this one

This issue should now be resolved. Sorry about the glitch.