Hearts Message to Squad Help

Hello everyone,
I’m Unique Aura. At first cordial regards to the honourable founder of Squad help “Mr Darpan Munjal”& his team & all of the wonderful creatives, participants, & contest holders. Its a open sharing with the Urge of Heart.(some 2years ago) when I rejistered here purpose was only for my interest & curiosity about how the branding process is… So i came this platform to know more .& that time my knowledge was nothing. i was fully a newbie in that field. Then when I was exploring the site with newbie eyes was; surprized that how the creatives amazingly crafting their skills , ideas , insights with the words creating brandnames, slogans & logos & giving Life to the identity of the products. Seeing these wonderful works i was motivated to engage here & work with this Amazing platform. Then I started to participate in the brandnaming contests & the frustrated time began where most of my entries was not upto the mark .Then I gave a lot of of time studying in this Brand naming process to give better entries, in this period Squadhelps blog helped me a lot. Thanks to Squadhelp blog. Along with that the Squadhelps forum the creatives (really thanskful to JOSE, ANNIE, VISION, LAURAE, SHELTON, FIREHAWK, SEEZALL, ELICREATIVE & OTHERS) they gave me mental support & motivation that time. I was progressing step by step & finally the golden moment came when i won my 1ST contest on this November Its a undescribable feelings, Its not about getting money or only winning a 100 dollar contest. Its about winning my identity, my skill & self respect that Yes I Can… Some days ago Lightless posted a inspiring story a guy who managed to save enough money to buy a plane ticket by his squadhelp earnings , it maked me cry coz i had nearly similar story like this. I’m a girl of Bangladesh, neighbour country of India. I have faced many ups & downs & realities of life Hurdles after my fathers death & at this moment the Squad help is the only hope to live my life & my income possibility. And this will be solved considering the Payoneer payment system , it will be a great help to me & also the creatives of Bangladesh… Some 3 weeks ago Grant was telling the payoneer system will be considered , then it gave me a big Light of inspiration in this dark struggle with my life after my fathers death .
Finally , this sharing is not a request, not an application… Its a HEARTS message To Live Ones Life; to Squadhelp to Mr Darpan Munjal. will Squadhelp listen this Message & put it into His HEART…?
Waiting For…



Thank you for sharing your story! I am sorry to hear about your father and I wish you the very best.

Regarding Payoneer, this is something we are looking at. We certainly want to keep Paypal as the primary option, however we do understand that Paypal is not fully supported in few countries. Although it might take some time, it is our intention to offer an additional payout mechanism such as Payoneer in the future. We will keep you posted. In the meantime, if there is anything else we can do to improve the experience, please let us know.


Thank You For Your Kind Consider…


I really hope the very best things happen to you. “All is well”


Thank You :slight_smile:

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I"m so sorry about the loss of your father @UniqueAura, And thank you for sharing your “Heart’s Message”, you’ll find a lot of support here and make new friends at the same time!

You mentioned “Vision”, she has been gone for some time but I hope she comes back! She was indeed a very encouraging person!


Thanks Darpan munjil and the whole squadhelp team for creating a nice platform …I see the bright future of Squadhelp …


This is why I love squadhelp. just not only working as a creative but also i found here an wonderful community. who are with me in every inspiration…

Thank you LauraE. & thanks to Squadhelp.
also waiting for Visions comeback…