Heads up! Watch it when you try to make names with foreign words

I did alert SH with the blue button…but I was dismayed to see a winning name that inadvertantly I am sure,combined two words for a name that means something very profane.I am sure neither the CH or creative realized this…but I am concerned when they find out what the company name means…they will be mortified! Just a reminder that if you are using words that aren’t your native language, or are slang terms…check it out first, to be sure there are no negative or sexual connotations.It might same alot of embarrassment.Otherwise…name on!


I just stay from contests, where the ch wants a name in a different language that I don’t know. I only know 3 languages, lol.

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Thanks for bringing that up Holly Ive also noticed this happens in the English language ones as well, so maybe none English speaking contestants should be careful in those also :wink: