Head scratcher names

@hollygirl brought up a good point explaining names that have won. Hers was SUO which came from suere (I think) meaning to stitch or sew.

So maybe the winners of contests can shed some light on their chosen name. I’d like to know where Wamoose came from.

I’ve had a strange one recently: Vocasso. I was thinking of voice/vocal recognition and Picasso because it was like an art form.

My most recent one Curago means to manage/take care of in Latin.


thanks for some helpful advice .

I got the Vocasso one immediately, but thanks for explaining the other one. :thumbsup:

My interpretation : It was an animal related brand and “Wamoose” is a play on the dictionary word “Vamoose” which contains “Moose”

I believe the word is vamoosh but from what I understand by reading the rules we arent allowed to comment on individual names

I believe that rule is during the contest and in the contest comments while a contest is still going. After a contest is over, you can discuss the name here in the forum, politely and constructively. No name bashing or people bashing. @Dan Can you please clarify so that I don’t overstep in discussing names that have won? Thanks!


Its ok to explain the meaning of your own names, or to congratulate others on their names. It is also ok to politely ask others what their winning name means. However bashing other creatives’ names (directly or indirectly) is not allowed in the forum.


oh oh oh… i gotcha reply it, when i saw “Vocasso”, i was like waaaaaaaattttttt… thats Brilliant Velo!!

There have been some very creative winning names lately. Congrats to all the smoking heads - you’re all on fire :blush:

In case anyone was curious and didn’t get it, Troovai is Trouver- to find in French


Thanks! That was a head scratcher for me. I dig it!

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Me too - LOL :thought_balloon:

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There was a contest for a name of anti-lice liquid some time ago, and there were a lot of head scratcher names probably :slight_smile:


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What does the cider name mean .I’m quite interested because I like a tipple to help me name

I think it was a play on words of Kama sutra. Seb/seba means apple in Hindi.

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