Have you ever won with a domain registered at GoDaddy?

Hi, have you ever won with a domain registered at GoDaddy? How long does the transfer take? Was it smooth?

Hi @intra-extra
FYI: We aren’t supposed to discuss this in the forum.

@intra-extra You ARE allowed to discuss. SH even allows creatives to list their “owned” domains on SH and enter them in contests. I have not done this, but I do know that if you do list your owned domains, that you have for sale, you are not allowed to ask for more than the contest prize is listed as and agree to transfer the domain at no additional cost. I think the transfer times varies on different things like how long you have owned it, if it’s newly registered, transfer takes longer. However, I have been waiting to get a transfer of one of my names back to me and have tried twice to get the transfer processed and am having a delay. Maybe one of the Domain selling Pros here can give more details, as I am still green on this stuff.

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I apologize, I actually misunderstood the question.

I think it can take up to two months because a friend of mine waited that long for a ch on here to return a name to them that they registered in a contest and squad help told them it would take that long to return.They are however still waiting :wink: