Hate the Log In Code

Hello - I’m just going on record to say I am not a fan of the new log in code. I don’t have access on my phone to the email I use during the week. I hope this is temporary! Unless I can have dual email addresses this is going to throw a big wrench in my game.


Thank God it’s not just me!!! :smiley:

…also I’m not even getting the code itself! And yes, I have looked in my Spam box!


Same here, had to ask to resend the code, then i got it! Sure hope this is temporary!!!


Bad! And not phone friendly at all. When I have to type the code on my phone I have to keep switching the keyboard from letters to numbers 6 times (once for every f***ing digit). And if it happens to type in a wrong character, it turns into a real nightmare in order to delete it and replace it with the correct one. Simply awful! The whole tech team of SH has to go. Plenty of good developers out there. The site is overflowing of poorly developed features in general.

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We appreciate any constructive feedback but these types of comments are not helpful. Our team works extremely hard including nights and weekends on several occasions to rapidly add features and fix any ongoing issues.

This particular change was added to protect the accounts of our users when it was clear that certain datasets containing email addresses and passwords were exposed in public from other websites.

We certainly encourage sharing constructive feedback on how to make improvements, but please be mindful of these types of comments, which can direclty demotivate the team members who are working hard to improve the platform everyday.


Covering things with sugar won’t make the poorly developed parts of the site better, but okay. I am taking my words back. :slight_smile:

***But I can’t resist saying this: There is a guy at my work who is really bad at what we do. Like a really bad worker you know. And I don’t think that making him work all night, or the weekends will change the fact. He will be still a bad worker. :man_shrugging:t2: Just saying.

And please bring back the ability to go straight to squadhelp.com/login without being redirected to the main page.

And please don’t blame me for using the “wrong browser” or “not clearing cache” because I’ve been using the same browsers all these while and automatically clearing them each time I close my browsing session.

And please don’t blame me for whatever new reasons somebody wants to come up with.

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@grant… there is an issue, when prompted for code, all you have to do is arrow back and you get in, this works even if you dont know password OR number code.

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