Has this rule been rescinded?

I have been noticing that winning names are names that were mentioned in the briefs more often. Has this been rescinded? Please advise so that we ALL can start entering them as well. It seems to be happening more regularly and doesn’t seem to have any penalty on the winner. So, please clarify so that we all can enter them and win with these entries as well. I don’t believe the majority of us should follow this rule when we see others winning by ignoring it.


I have noticed that, too. I thought I was imagining, since I was on meds after surgery, but I’m glad someone noticed it.


@jackieheraty - I know for sure the rule has not been rescinded but I don’t think that SH checks the winning names against the brief so it’s important to tell them when you see them using the bubble.

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I have reported in the past and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. They say the CH will have to pick a new winner, yet looking back, the winner is never changed to another creative. It is just frustrating to follow the rules while others get rewarded when in clear violation.


I thought SH said they’d never question the CH by asking them to select another winner, but would investigate the creative. I agree with Commulinks that we need to report it as I don’t think SH is checking it. In cases like this we’re they’re eyes. But we really have no way of knowing if they’re taking any action :grin:

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I hope you’re ok Miyvex


Thanks, Laura. I’m doing better, now. Had a surgery a week ago. I’m still in recovery mode.


Hi All,

We have created an article on our policies related to submitting entries provided by the CH. If you see any such issues, please report them using the chat function on any page of Squadhelp.com.

The actions taken by SH in response to policy violations are kept between the direct parties. However, please know that depending on severity and frequency, this violation can result in a warning, the selection of another winner, and/or the suspension of a Creative’s account.