Has everyone got a blue button?

Mine seems to have gone .I wanted to ask how I get number 5 on my introduction profile to light up as green.I have tried watching a few contests but nothing has happened yet.Do I have to light up everything to be a full member

Actually my blue button has disappeared… @grant where has the blue button gone?

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My Blue Button is gone too…

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Blue button is not showing on mine, too… Must be a glitch?

For a while, I could only see the blue button when I was in a contest. Now, it is gone.

Sorry everyone. The blue button should be back now :slight_smile:


how do i get the 5th green light on my profile though ?

Where do you see the green light at?

Its on my profile, you have to do five things I cant do the fifth

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Me too, I can’t do the fifth step

What are those things for? I don’t have any green light on my profile.

I don’t have a green light myself

its when i click on my account in the drop down menu - there are 5 things to do to get started but I cant do the fifth thing, so I presume I havent got started properly yet

Hi All - The issue related to Steps 4 and 5 in the Getting Started section of Creatives’ Profiles not turning green is an issue on our end. We’ll work on it. Thanks you.

step 4 worked for me