Has Anyone Sold An "Instant Domain?"


Question…if a person shortlisted your instant domain…are they just saving it for possible further consideration or are they doing anything else in preparation for purchase,like trademark checks,audience testing,etc…or do we know?


Holly, I could be wrong about this… but I think it is only used for creating their favorites list. The reason I say this is because the email you get when the domain sells says that the trademark search can happen after that and the customer can choose a different name if there is a trademark problem.


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My general feeling is that domains that are accepted in the marketplace are fairly short - 11 letters or less. They kind of just sound fun and/ or spark interest. Names that can apply to several industries are more likely to be selected as well. My 2 baby names were rejected so they were not broad enough - also maybe too long. I am not a huge fan of the mash ups but they do often win so I am trying to work on finding those…they are trickier to come up with ( at least for me) ! It would be interesting to know what the percentage is - of marketplace names accepted? My guess would be low at around 15%??? Just a guess! I am thrilled that some people have sold a marketplace name- hopefully as Business owners realize there are great names here-- more & more will be sold!


I don’t know for anyone else…but I think I have had 10 accepted,and like 35 rejected.


@hollygirl Compared to my 1in a 100…lol-sounds good.


My acceptance rate right now is at a little over 10%. I’ve submitted hundreds of names.


I still haven’t “cracked the code” so to speak of what makes some names make it through,and other good names not make the cut…but still trying!


Same here! I keep trying to figure it out! (Not that different than contests, though!!!) LOLOL


Hi LisaMac -

Shortlist is a way for customers to save names as they browse the site and return to them later. You will see a similar feature on Amazon. The button on Amazon reads Add to List, and allows you to build lists of products that you may want to compare or return to at a later date.


WHOOPEEEE - I sold one - Payment being transferred to my Paypal account today!!! :sunglasses:


Waaahooo! Way to go @AlwriteyThen


Wooo hooooo for you @AlwriteyThen!!! Congrats!!! It’s so much fun!


Thanks, lots of changes going on and I’m playing catch-up


Good for you girl! Congratulations!!!:tada::tada: Your first of many, I am sure!

This is very encouraging to some of us:)


Congrats! @AlwriteyThen