Has Anyone Sold An "Instant Domain?"


BTW, Squadhelp @Grant, I really love the dashboard for my owned and marketplace domains. Super helpful.



Absolutely, stonkingly thrilled for you girl!!

What a great Easter present :grinning:


Thank you Able!!! I appreciate that!


Congrats, @Commulinks! Received one of those emails around Christmas/Holidays, couldn’t have come at a better time. Happy for you. Have a great weekend all!


Whoaaaaaa!!! yayyy, i am super happy for you @Commulinks. Congratulations!!
Congratulation also @Awintura !!


I’m hoping someone can answer this for me. I’m not really understanding how when we go to sell domains they get accepted or not . I Realize they don’t tell you why, but I’m wondering about the criteria so that I can submit better names. Does anybody know? Also is it better to Purchase the URL?


I had the same question, as I have had numerous names I have submitted that I feel are great sellable names (and have gotten good ratings and comments) get rejected, and I am scratching my head. Then I see other names in the marketplace that I don’t understand at all.It seems as if the majority of names in the marketplace are all the same flavor and very similar.

So I blue buttoned it and was sent this link. Introducing: Instant Domains

Not sure if it will help you,but this is what SH recommends. Best of luck!


Thanks for posting @hollygirl. I have had several names rejected and was surprised as they were Loved and Shortlisted in contests. Hopefully someone will select them in a contest some day…


@hollygirl - Thank you for reporting.

These are our standard guidelines and tips for submitting to the Squadhelp Marketplace.


I still don’t get the misspelled ones or name twists (for lack of a better word) that are accepted. What is the criteria for those?




@LauraE - Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot share the exact criteria that we’re using to select names for the Marketplace.

We have a lot of data from contests and the current engagement from customers with the Marketplace, and we’re using this information to make our decisions as to which names we accept into the Marketplace.

It’s important to note that, while the Marketplace has been successful and we continue to see demand for the listed domains, we still have much to learn.

We appreciate everyone’s thoughtful engagement in both our CH led contests, as well as our various Marketplace initiatives.


@grant, Forgive me but I don’t understand why not. There are professional domainers who participate here from other domain and brand companies who have this knowledge. I’ve scoured the internet for answers but to no avail. Where can one learn more of what works with the curious endings and spelling twists? (example: Y instead of i doesn’t seem to work…or does it in certain names?) I don’t mean to sound contentious but I think a level playing field would be nice in this area where most of us are non-pros


@LauraE I honestly doubt that SH has hard and fast rules about what names they are accepting/declining.

I’ve been doing this for years and I couldn’t honestly answer the question of ‘what makes a great domain’. You just develop a type of gut instinct of what is and isn’t a great domain. Sometimes you’ll get it wrong, I’m sure SH will get it wrong plenty of times too. If it was as easy as following a set of rules, those rules would be out there and all of those domains would be taken already.

How many times have you known that name that you’ve continually submitted to contests was fantastic? It always got high rankings and eventually, you either won with it, someone else won with it, or it got registered and you kicked yourself. You had that gut instinct. You knew it was great. Those are the names you should be submitting to the marketplace and if SH doesn’t accept it, remember that they don’t know any more than the rest of us, go and buy it yourself so you keep it safe for future contests.

The best place to learn is to look at whats winning here! This is where the names are ‘selling’ so this is where you should be looking.

Stick with it and good luck.


@AbleBrands Since you’ve had great success with the marketplace, could I ask you what is the average time it takes for the domain to be transferred and for you to receive payment? I don’t mean to be nosy, but I had a domain sell last month and I’ve been surprised by how long it is taking. Is it always around two weeks, or much longer?


@AbleBrands, Thank you for your reply. I’ve been naming for 3 years, 2/12 here of it here. I still don’t get some of the endings but you’re right, studying winning names is a start. I’ve been watching closely some of the spellings, and found one spelling twist that seems to work. (as far as ratings and acceptance to marketplace). One word + ending. Anyway, thank you again for your help and encouragement.


@ALDaisy1 With SH, the shortest was 48 hours, the longest was a day over 3 weeks.

This is usual in domaining. It depends how the buyer has paid (need to wait for funds to clear), where the buyer is in the world and what registrar they want to use (some registrars can take up to 10 days to receive a domain), if there are any public holidays etc.

Personally (not with SH) I’ve had a domain take 6 weeks to transfer before I could claim my funds, the domain was with GoDaddy but the buyer wanted it transferred to a French registrar with added security through escrow.com. The Chinese registrars take a long time to confirm receipt of the domain too. These unusual cases could happen to SH too. It’s just the way it is.

I would say 2 weeks is typical. Shorter and you got lucky, longer and you were unlucky!

Congratulations on your sale! You’ve probably been affected a little by the Easter holidays.


@LauraE That’s a great attitude to have and you are going about it the right way. Study just one type of domain (like your one word + ending) until you are really comfortable with it. Then move onto another type of domain (short two words) then another (humor) etc… and you’ll be teaching yourself in no time.

Good luck!


can someone explain the shortlists on the domain marketplace. when I look at my names they all have numbers in the shortlist column. @grant


LIsa, it’s the number of people who have shortlisted your name from the marketplace… sort of a popularity measure.