Has Anyone Sold An "Instant Domain?"


I submitted one last week. How do I know if it has been accepted? How long does it usually take?


Go to my owned domains,then look under marketplace listings and you can choose in the box what you want to see…pending,approved,rejected,etc. If your name is approved,they will also send you an email.


HOLY SMOKIN TOLEDOS! I literally screamed like I HAD won the lotto! Earned income instead! Woohoo! Probably as close to a lotto winning that I will get, so I’ll take it! The one and only Instant Domain I have had any luck with. I had always wondered if anyone had sold any…but with the feedback from Grant and the new updates, it seems to be causing a buzz. Keep up the brainstorming everyone, and keep entering in your best creations to Instant Domains, because YOU CAN WIN/EARN TOO! I had the worst two months ending the old year and beginning the new year in a slump. Perseverance pays off. Just keep swimming everyone! :octopus:



Go Alpha, go Alpha, go Alpha {I’m doing a little dance for you}

Massive congratulations, hopefully the first of many :smile:


@Alphaomega808 Congrats and thank you for sharing! I often wondered how we are notified if one of our names were selected. Glad things are turning around for you!


Wonderful wonderfullllll ! welldone @Alphaomega808 ! congratulations.


Although we don’t have leader boards and other stats for our Marketplace. I’d also like to take a moment to congratulate @AbleBrands for selling more than 10 domains through the Marketplace!

Domain sales statistics

Wow! Ten that is amazing! Great Job Able.


Awwwwwmazing @AbleBrands!!! Congratulation!:tada:


AAAAAARRRGGGHH!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thank You @AbleBrands - an epic namer I’m in awe of your ease for creations. Thank You @annoloc! I was notified by email and within a days time I was able to request payment and it was the easiest earned income so far! And another Thank You to you @fxpreneur a wise Veteran of this site, I hope to continue to learn from the best and just keep swimming! Keep it up everyone !


Congrats @AbleBrands That is 9 more than impressive. You make it look so easy

Go Able, Go Able, Go Able - WhoopWhoop!:dancer:


Huge congrats, @AbleBrands! You truly do make it look easy, love your work and your humor. Keep up the great work.


I’m so glad, my instant domain was also sold!:smile: Thank you Squadhelp for good opportunities to earn!


It’s cool! I’m very very glad for You!


It’s begins to catch my attention


YES! Congratulations @Awintura! Agreed, Huge props to SH for the opportunities to earn!


Thank you! I wish all successful sales of domains!:slight_smile:


I did it!!! I’m so excited!!! My first one!!!


Way to go, CLinks!! I knew you would. One of mine was bought as well a few weeks ago so I share your excitement!


Good for you, LauraE!!! Those emails are really fun to get!!!