Has Anyone Sold An "Instant Domain?"


I’m just curious if anybody has sold an “Instant Domain”/“Name For Sale”?? I think this is a fairly new feature - curious about the success of it so far. Thanks! :slight_smile:


None of mine have but Darpan just told us the other day that they have sold some.


Nice! I wonder if they were domains submitted by Creatives (wasn’t sure if SH has names for sale as well).


It was domains submitted by creatives. SH doesn’t create name on its own.


Yes, I did sell one of my instant domains . I’m not on here much anymore due to a crazy work schedule so I have to say it was nice to get without any extra effort!


Thank you for chiming in - congratulations on selling an instant domain! Glad to hear you were able to make some extra $, you are a lucky duck :wink:


That’s awesome…congrats!! :smiley:
I’m curious if they show up on the winner’s board. Did you happen to notice if yours did?? If so, did it indicate it was an ID?


thats at least a cool idea, list it along with winners…


Just a heads up, at this point, Instant Domains is all about featuring your (the Squadhelp Creative Community) domains.


Just sold one!

We just wanted to let you know that your name, XXXXX.com has been purchased by a customer.

Over the next few days, we will work with the customer to transfer the domain ownership to them. As soon as the transfer is complete, we will deposit $300 into your Squadhelp account.

If this domain is currently submitted to any active contests, please withdraw it from those contests. Also, please do not submit this domain to any future naming contests.

Name removed. I did notice that the name hasn’t been removed from ‘my owned domains’ so I have done that.


Congrats @AbleBrands! I’m glad someone was able to sell on ID. Everything I submit gets rejected so I guess I’m doomed in that respect but props to you and others who managed to crack the mystery code of how to get accepted. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that wonderful, Able!!! It is so great to be able make money on something by not entering!!! Good for you!!! I can’t wait until I get one of those emails one day!

I see contests all the time that could have used an Instant Domain. I hope more potential customers look at them. This is so great. I am so happy that SH did this.


Update: I’ve received another email from SH (1 day later).

We just wanted to let you know that your name, XXXXXX.com has been transferred to the customer who recently purchased it.

As a result, we have deposited $300 into your Squadhelp account. Congratulations!

As a reminder, if this domain is currently submitted to any active contests, please withdraw it from those contests. Also, please do not submit this domain to any future naming contests. For your reference, here is a link to Instant Domains Terms and Conditions.


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.


Squadhelp Team

Super efficient! I doubt that all domains will transfer that quickly, I suppose it depends on where the purchaser wants the domain transferred to, some registrars take up to 7 days to confirm. Thrilled that this one was quick and easy and I didn’t have to do a thing! Thank you SH.


Woohoo, one of mine just sold too-- what an awesome surprise! And I just won a contest with a domain I had bought myself a while back after getting frustrated with finding other favorites registered. I’m definitely encouraged to use both the instant domains and owned domains features more now.


:balloon::balloon:Congratulations Therold!!! What fantastic news that is!!! I appreciate what SH has done on this as well but I am particularly happy for you!!!:tada::sparkles: :sparkles::grin:


Thanks Chastity! I’m so sorry I somehow totally missed your comment all the way from October and I’m on rarely anymore. Life has been crazy. To answer your question I didn’t see it in the winners column. I don’t think they count it as winning a contest which makes sense though it would be nice and encouraging to see a list of bought names!


Squadhelp I can’t thank you enough for the added opportunity to learn and earn. For me the Squadhelp and the marketplace is an amazing and exciting new world that gives me possibilities I wouldn’t else have, I learn so much through the process of naming. I have looked into countries around the world, increased vocabulary, and gotten inspired by entrepreneurs and creatives alike. It’s an amazing opportunity you made so much easier for me to set my eyes on. Cheers to making more money together.


@Grant- Is there any way that SH can use a ‘counter’ of some sort to let the creative know how many times their instant domains have been viewed?


Yes. I would love some kind of info regarding how the market place is doing. I know Squadhelp is doing lots of advertising to sell instant domains, but with no information about the number of sales being made, I feel out of the loop.


Hi All - The Marketplace is doing very well. We are not sharing specific details at this time, but soon we will share a few additional details including some examples of names that have recently sold. We will also be adding more features in your account which will allow better tracking and management of your marketplace domains.