Has anyone had issues with a name registered and supposedly unregistered?


It is frustrating when a contest holder registers your entry submission without compensation and then releases the registration, as it can take many weeks for the domain to become available again, during which time you cannot submit it to a contest.


Interesting, I didn’t now you could ‘unregistered’ a name once it was bought! I hope it works out for you Cabotco


Yes, it took about 8-10 weeks when it happened to me too.


That’s too bad! I’m sorry to hear how that played out. I don’t know much about registered domains but I just wanted to tell you that it could possibly be gone for good, even if it was unregistered :confused:

During my time in the forums I’ve heard that there are people, companies, etc that somehow have access to cancelled or expired domains before the general public (or something like that) and that any halfway decent domain is snatched up before its even technically available again.

Again, I don’t know much about it so I could be wrong but I just wanted to give you a heads up.

This makes me nervous about my approved IDs…they might be lost to me if I don’t pay up in a year.

Maybe someone who knows exactly how that works could confirm, deny, or clarify.


You are exactly right @chasity2ku.

It would take a massive post to explain how it works properly but there is a website where you can see what names are “dropping” in the next few days here: https://www.expireddomains.net/

I’m not sure that an ‘unregistered name’ would fall into one of those categories so you may be lucky @cabotco. You would literally need to check it 3 times a day everyday for the next few months to try and grab it when it was available. You may find some clues to whether it’s been picked up by someone else by watching this website: http://whois.domaintools.com/yourdomainname.com


Thank you for clarifying!!! :blush:


Thanks Jackieheraty-- that is helpful to know that the name eventually was open to use again. Thank you!


Thank you Able Brands–that is very helpful… I am amazed by how much knowledge is out there!