Hard times on SquadHelp

Shout out to every creative going through hard times here on SH… we are the real soldiers…
been six months now that I won a contest, and i just lost my Tier A status :sleepy:
To those winning too… keep it up champs, and if you have any tips to share please don’t hesitate to do so…




I hear ya @BlueSpice, I just lost my Tier A status as well. I miss 300.00 contests. We just have to hang in to the 20th win so it won’t be an issue anymore. Good luck and hope you get there soon!! :grinning:


I miss the old days when I won a lot. I have all but given up on contests. Now, I sub my premiums and my cloud broker partner’s premiums and other people’s premiums. Once in a while, I work on new ones - but rarely. I watched to see what would happen. Needless to say, I am rowing the boat right along side of everyone who doesn’t win anymore.

On a very positive note: the marketplace is awesome! I am so grateful that SH did it.


Lucky for you…
i don’t even know how that works… all my submissions to the marketplace are always rejected… moreover I have 4 domains in the marketplace for the past 2years without sale, maybe I’m not just lucky in this game


All of your previous loves and likes in contest are the BEST contenders. The more you have in the marketplace - the better!