Happy U.S. Thanksgiving (tomorrow) to SH Friends around the world!

Hi everyone! I was going to post this on the pets page

But I made it for Thanksgiving. And I will be deep in cooking tomorrow so I am posting it now.

It is a very sad time right now with many of us having to have Thanksgiving with only those who live in the same home. I will be missing my family so much.

But this year, we have a new baby in our house, joining Roz, Nala and all of the wildlife. This is Joey. Joey is quite the character.

I hope you all have a SAFE Thanksgiving and that the world gets past this pandemic SOON. I am thankful for very much, but mostly for still being alive.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S :slight_smile:
Wishing you all a lovely day. From Buzz and I in Australia


OH, how gorgeous is he? (The sunset is pretty nice, too!)


Happy Thanksgiving! Our darling Nord at the dawn of his youth (in the photo he is only one year old, he is only a few months with us and still in a strict collar, and is just learning to be educated and a worthy member of the family). He is now six years old, and I think this is the greatest creation in my life that I can be truly proud of today :slight_smile:


We are arguing with my husband now, what breed is it?)

Oh no I hope your husband isn’t right.
Buzz is a Boxer :rofl:


Alas, my husband defeated me!) I almost beat him, proving that the photo is an American Staffordshire Terrier, like our boy. Because only Staffords are so beautiful! :slight_smile: Your Buzz will not believe that somewhere on another continent he became a vivid reason for a half-hour family dispute!) Be sure to say hello to him from Russia! :heart_eyes:


I just now discovered your second pet hidden under the first photo! They are great - and for sure they are great and inseparable friends! :slight_smile:


Happy Thanks Giving Fellow Creatives!
God Blessings
Best Wishes


Happy Thanksgiving to our wonderful community at SH! I would like to express my gratitude for all your participation and ongoing feedback. While a lot has changed at SH over last few years, one thing remains the same:

We would not be here without all your support. Thank you!


HAPPY THANKSGIVING To all,administrators,my co- creatives,and clients.Be Blessed wherever the sacred holiday takes you🥰


Happy Thanksgiving to all of SH, members & creatives. PLEASE give your family & loved ones an extra hug today & realize how much we all have to be grateful for. Our dinner is almost always hosted by me, but i am home alone this year (with no turkey :hushed:) due to co-worker at library testing positive & is terribly sick. I am quarantined until Dec 1st. My youngest daughter is at her Dad’s & unable to come home to me & my oldest daughter just text me saying she has covid. I haven’t seen her in a few months so disappointed it will now be even longer. Can’t go get my elderly mother so she is alone as well. Stay safe, :mask: my friends, and be truly grateful for time spent with loved ones! P.s. Thankful for our 4-legged family, love the beautiful pics shared of yours!


I can so relate! <3 to you


Happy Thanksgiving, Darpan and the whole SH crew!


Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey: :turkey: :turkey:


Happy Thanksgiving to SH and every creative! :sparkling_heart: May God bless each of u with more success in here and in all u do :sparkling_heart: Let’s count our many blessings even through these tough times. :pray:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks for the cute pics! :heart_eyes:
@Name4u I hope and pray your daughter is fine soon and gets out of this unscathed. :pray:t4: