On one mystic, magic night,
Jack O Lanterns glowing bright,
kids with bags of candy sweet,
roam door to door and street to street,
all dressed up for trick or treat!

Wizards with wands, pirates with hooks,
monsters and clowns with spooky looks,

kings and queens with capes and crowns,
a princess in her royal gown,

witches with warts and fairies with wings
movies stars with sparkling rings,

vampires with fangs that bite,
ghost that boo all dressed in white.

Imaginations taken flight,
on that one mystic, magic night.

Oh, the fun of Halloween,
be young or old or in between!

Its that ghastly, goulish, and spooktacular time of year again. All Hallows Eve, Evening of the Hallows, Halloween, All Souls Day, Shadowfest, All Saints Eve, Samhain, Third Harvest, Samana, Samhuinn, Day of the Dead, Old Hallowmas, Vigil of Saman, Veil Walking Day — there are many names, traditions, lores, and histories abound abut this day. However, no matter the name and no matter the traditions, this not only tends to be one of the most popular holidays for children but also adults as well. I know that it’s my favorite for various reasons and i don’t even need the candy! :joy:

For me, it’s an excuse for apple cider, pumpkin pie, large bonfires with smores, marshmallows and other kinds of treats, and gathering together with music, fun, friends, and maybe even getting to dress up as something spooky or even something though provoking or funny.

Regardless of all the details and all the lores that about, Halloween can be a treat for anyone and everyone and I hope that on this day of final harvest, that all of you will have a lovely day and even more lovely evening – whether you celebrate or not.