Happened more than once!

More than once best entires will appear after I post a name. I don’t ask for them or get the alert before they post. They just appear. I wouldn’t mind if I were not losing points everytime. Just kind of annoying.

You may be checking the wrong box. When you first enter a contest you need to check the box that says something about “these are all my ideas” but you may be accidentally clicking the best entry box instead.


Hi Jackie, thank you for responding:) Yes, I know what box you are talking about and I am sure I didn’t check the wrong box. Everytime this has happened the site it self has had a glitch or a bug what ever you call it. I have to keep pushing submit over and over before the entry will go through and get excepted. Also when you choose best entry another box will appear informing you that you pushed best entry and there is a button to verify. None of that happens at all. This issue has happened more than once so I make sure to watch what I am pushing. Even worse the ch marked my entry 2!!! I certainly would not have made it my best entry. Now I lost 50 points All because of a glitch! This site has many glitches. The other day the photo of an avatar with red hair And glasses ( I forgot her name) was under all of my entries and Sometimes none of the buttons work on the site etc. it would be nice to get my 50 points back on this one. I will
Let the other few times it happened slide. Don’t get me wrong, although I am venting and irritated I still Love squad help. It tortures me everyday with much pain and suffering :smiley: ( frustrations of not winning etc. I know one day my luck will turn around lol) but I keep coming back for more! :slight_smile: lol Probably more bothersome because I really really need it as of yesterday but oh well:( For now I will keep plugging away at names hoping my lucky day will come! I am contemplate giving up soon but I will give a little more time. On to more positive, I am very very happy for all the recent winners! Congrats!!!

Probably you should contact Janice or Matt to help and investigate.Hit the button on the bottom of your page to start a chat with them.

I know sometimes creatives have had beginners luck, and won right away…but I think that is very much the exception. I know I was naming solidly…like 6 hours a day, and working hard for like 6 weeks before I had my first win.Then I couldn’t get a win for another few weeks…then luckily had a little flurry of wins…but then didn’t win again for another month.So you just never know. And I feel all in all I’ve been pretty lucky…yet I still get frustrated at times.

I think you have to just look at naming as a creative outlet, and a hobby,and not have too much expectation.You certainly (with maybe a few exceptions!) can’t count on making any kind of living doing this.You have to do it for the joy or challenge of it.

I think you get better the more names you come up with, and contests you enter…so like in anything else…there is a learning curve.Sometimes it’s just sheer luck ,having the right name for the right CH.

Best of luck!

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Thank you @hollygirl I do only think of it as a hobby. I am a stay at home mom and don’t need to count on this site, it’s just that a few things have built up since Christmas and put me in a situation, so a lucky break would be wonderful. I would be on the street if I counted on naming for a living! Ha :slight_smile: . I do work hard at these names everyday for about 6 hours a day! Almost embarrassing lol! It’s kind of addictive. I have had some good names and marks though, so I know I come up with good names. If not I would have told my self to give up a long time ago! I am creative and love art! I do love thinking of names. It is a fun thing to do and I enjoy it . I just haven’t hit the jack pot yet! Ha I know you understand that feeling of rejection as I have seen you talk about it before on here . Sometimes the rejection is hard for me to handle but a good learning experience as well. I am learning every day ideas and picking up on clues. Even the winning entries are teaching me! I am guessing a lot of the people here are professionals anyways and I know some people do it for fun like I do. Wow! You have been super lucky! I am so happy for you. Thank you Again!

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