Halfway in contest, but losing tier A?


Newbie here, first time about to lose tier A. What will happen if I am still halfway in tier A contests? Can I still submit entries? Will I lose it all?


Yes is the answer, but you can always get it back when you win 3 contest within 6month or having 20 and above contest won. With that, it stays permanently I guess


When I recently lost tier A status I was still active in tier A contests I had already entered. Your entries should still count. I’m pretty sure I could still add new entries as well, just couldn’t enter new tier A contests. Another way to get tier A status back is to get your percentile at or above 80. Easier said than done. Being on the cusp is no fun. I finally got away from it but I’m constantly looking over my shoulder lol I know it’s gonna get me again


The easiest way to get and stay above 80 is to edit yourself.

Instead of shotgunning 10, 15, 20, or whatever your personal limit, pick 3 or 4 of your best entries and submit them. Instead of submitting your entries as soon as you think of them, write them down on a piece of paper. Walk away from that piece of paper for a few minutes, come back, reread them and see if you still like them. If you do, submit them.

You’ll be at 85 Plus in no time.


Yes on which one?? You mean yes I can still participate in the same (entered) tier A contest (that I am already in halfway) after losing my tier A status?? Or yes I will lose/be kicked out from that (entered) tier A contest instantly after losing my tier A status??


If you started the contest as tier A…you can still remain in the contest. Just new tier A contests will be unavailable to you until or unless you meet the qualifications.