Guidelines To Make High Quality Entries

Hello everyone, i have joined in squadheld about 3 months ago. i’m in deep frustration coz my entries are not rated by th CH’s more than 2 star. how i could improve myself & can give high quality entries like you guys? i need help & guidelines from you.


they may actually be quality entries.Contest holders sometimes have terrible judgement :wink:


ON the entry page of every contest, in the information box provided by SH is a link to some guidelines.

Here’s the verbiage:
In order to maximize the likelihood of winning this contest, please read these tips thoroughly. Learn more.

Thanks Jose, for inspiring… :blush:

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Thank you Annie. I have seen it

@UniqueAura Being the least qualified person to dispense an advice on how to come up with a great name for business myself, I’d rather defer to a set of specialized guidelines summed in an article listed among the answers given on the same subject among Quora inquiries and derived from a reference link mentioned by @Dan in another thread earlier. The search results for Squadhelp on Quora will lead to a well-written exposition/guide, ‘‘An owl by any other name: 3 steps to naming your startup’’, giving the essential tips on how to ignite the spark of creative imagination. :slight_smile:

I was on this site for 4 months before I won a contest. Before that, I was at 'the other site that shall not be named" for 8 months without winning one contest. Hang in there! And keep naming!


I am not Bruce Lee and not Bruce Willis.
And when I see three gorillas with chains and cudgels on the dark Elm Street, I turn and go.
It isn’t a shame.
And tomorrow I am looking for suitable street, lighted by the Sun.


Thank you Laura. I’m already feeling the heat of victory to win a contest.


That’s the spirit!

@uniqueaura.You might try also submitting the most silliest name you can think of . You never know …it might be selected on an abandoned contest.

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I personally try to put out 2-3 names all varying types at the start of a contest to try and hone in on what the CH wants its Like playing “Hot or Cold” (kids game)

cold and freezing most of the time lol

I use the same strategy :slight_smile: The only problem is that it is painful for my stats, because this way it is inevitable to get 2* for some “wrong direction” entries.

@firehawk828.Good idea. It seems now this is a weapon of me of my inexperience!! :wink:

Thank you seezall for your suggestion :smile:

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