Guaranteed Contests Cancelled?

@Grant, @Darpan. Why are “Guaranteed” contests permitted to be cancelled? Doesn’t guaranteed mean guaranteed? I ask because I was one of 2 likes in a contest that has been pending for over 3 months and not awarded. Originally began November 27, then re-opened January 17 and just saw it was cancelled.

Seems unfair to the 2 creatives who were looking forward to that split ($150 ea.) and whose names have been in limbo for 3 months unable to submit those names in other contests.

If the contest was not guaranteed, I might have withdrawn the name and submitted elsewhere, but since it was guaranteed, I let it be awaiting the split.

And P.S., I rarely participate in non-guaranteed contest for this reason.

I hope you re-consider this policy. Thank you.


Please blue button this issue so we can look into it specifically. Thank you.

Will do. Thank you. (20 characters :slight_smile:)