Guaranteed contest cancellation

This is regarding project ‘Name my financial planning business’ which was guaranteed, received 455 entries with ten 5 stars, and was then canceled with the message from SquadH “There was a payment issue with this contest, and the contest holder will be relaunching the contest in a different category.”
Isn’t the payment taken before the contest is live on the site? I don’t understand the point of guaranteeing a contest only to cancel it at will.

@benson, you are correct. This is contest which was launched after the relaunch of our site to the new look. We had a glitch which allowed creation of this contest even though the contest holder did not complete the payment. We followed up with the contest holder who mentioned that they were not interested in domain names - rather they wanted to relaunch it in a different category. However, they haven’t come back to relaunch yet. We fixed the glitch immediately following the issue, and apologize for this instance where a guaranteed contest had to be cancelled.

Thanks for clarifying that Dan.

Thanks for responding, Dan. Since the glitch was on your end, though – not the CHs, and not the creatives’ – I would hope you would do something to make it right. If names were rated, the CH does have access to these names. I totally understand that names might seem a dime a dozen, but some creatives put a lot of time and energy into their processes. :slight_smile:


I think Dan and whoever is associated with squadhelp put in way more time and energy to provide all of us a platform to do this than we put into our creativeness. It’s not a right to be part of this site, it’s more of a privilege and that privilege is being extended to us by the person you’re wanting to “make things right”. Not trying to offend anyone but people need to think more about the bigger picture.


I don’t disagree, EdoubleU (and if you’re who I think you are, hi!). But I’m assuming SH – and most creatives – are in this to make some money, not just for the fun. Guess it’s my dad’s voice I’m hearing in my head, about making things right with suppliers and customers. “A little loss here buys a lot of good will later.”

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We appreciate everyone’s comments on this topic. This instance was a result of system glitch and unfortunately we were not able to get the contest holder to make the payment or relaunch the contest. As a token of apology, we would be sending a $50 bonus to “Accessglob” who was top trending (and received most 5 star entries) in this contest. @accessglob, please check your “my account” for the updated bonus.

Thanks for bringing up this issue, and everyone’s patience as we continue to improve this platform for our community.


Love this response!! Congratulations, @accessglob, and woo-hoo, SH! Thank you.


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