Grrrr.....Blasted godaddy lied to me

Came up with what I thought was a great name, checked it on and it said it was available. YAY! Plug it into the contest and it says it’s not available. :confounded:

@BrendaGravermoen If godaddy says it’s available, it IS available. SH has been having this problem where it says the name it “taken”, but it truly is not taken…it’s happening more and more. Just put a comment on the entry and tell the CH that it is available. I wish this glitch would get fixed.


Oh Jackie, thank you! I just thought I was out of luck with the name, so didn’t even write it down. :-/ Now I have to try to remember it!

Didn’t you enter it? If so, just go in your withdrawn entries in that contest and restore it.

No, I didn’t enter it. I checked with GoDaddy, when it said it was available, I put in the url (didn’t enter) and it came up that the url was unavailable so I deleted it from the url box. :-/

Oh, then that is different than what we have been seeing. Lately is let’s us enter a name, it say “available”, but once it submits and you look at you entry, it then changed and says “not available”. If yours didn’t even get past then entry part, then I am not sure what is happening.

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