Green About listing domains need help

Hi guys, I read about sedo Afternic, listing at higher prices etc so sh doesn’t lose on commissions etc. I have names on our marketplace, can I list them elsewhere as well point to us somehow? Also, white label, I’m confused, to have a page, do I need to have a registered website name first? I lost my blog site name forgot to reregister. I am awaiting bb answers and doing homework but could use a bit of help from white label folks . Thanks

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Re: Listing outside – SH has partner integrations with Sedo / Afternic / Flippa, with SH handling submissions for Sedo/Flippa, and sellers manually submitting to Afternic with SH approval. We’re not currently permitted to list anywhere else.

Re: WLM – yes, you have to set this up with your own domain name.


Thank appreciate it, keep running into roadblocks and just want white label done, registrar issues blah