Good fit premium submissions

I recently decided to try out the WLM and uploaded a list of about 370 domains. Very quickly it highlighted 48 that were “a good fit for premium” so I submitted them spending $48 in tokens. Only 20 were accepted. So I paid $28 for names you told me I should submit but then didn’t accept.

IMO if you’re going to tell me to submit a name it should either be a guaranteed acceptance or else I should get the coin refunded for each submission you reject.

EDIT: FWIW It looks like 4 are still pending review, so only 44 have been rejected, but that still means at best I’ll only have a 50% approval rate on names you told me would be a good fit. So if you are not willing to trust your AI enough to guarantee acceptance least you can do is only charge me the coin for accepted names.

Is there a guarantee that my name will be accepted as Premium?

No. While there is a fairly high chance of acceptance, it is still possible that your name may not be accepted. Although the AI is quite effective in the evaluating domains, there is still a possibility that the AI assessment may not be accurate. It is important to note that all listings undergo a human review process before being accepted as Premium. This ensures that each domain is carefully evaluated and approved by our team of experts…

I would not call 50% “quite efficient” nor do I think it’s appropriate that I should have to pay for submissions the AI recommends that are rejected. Either trust your AI and auto accept or refund my coin if you reject it. Otherwise your AI is worthless and I am just going to ignore it.

You should be able to spot the premium domains without AI, over time you develop this skill.