Going on vacation..woo hoo!

Leaving for vacation for a week tomorrow…so will probably not be on here much if at all. So wishing you all best of luck,and lots of wins! :0)


Have a great time!!!

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Have a great Vacation HollyGirl !!! xoxoxo

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Enjoy your away time and come back refreshed and ready to get back to SH business : )


Did you have a great time, Holly?

I did…thanks! Saw some family and two best friends I hadn’t seen in 13 years! Was nice to give my brains a rest…but judging on how I’m doing since I came back…I think some of my brains must still be on vacation…lol! Thanks for asking!


[quote=“hollygirl, post:6, topic:2156”]
Was nice to give my brains a rest…[/quote]
Ahhh, so that’s the secret to your success, Holly - You have 2 brains!!! :smile:


Ha! If so…it’s not doing me much good at the moment! lol!

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Glad you enjoyed your vacation. !

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