Glitch to Submission Comments on Contests

I can start a comment on a contest for a name I’ve entered, however, if the CH replies to my comment or comments first on one of my submissions and I want to comment back, the comment box stretches far outside of the window and I have no place to submit my comment. Anyone else having this issue???

Haha I did a long time ago and I was told by other creatives my conversations were too lengthy and that it’s not meant for “uber long conversations”.

Anyway, sometimes it’s an issue, sometimes it’s not. So now I just find ways around it, even though they are completely round about ways and prob confuse and/or annoy the CH. But I’d rather do that than just not even reply.

So, unless you get SH to fix it, you’ve got two options: 1) Send PMs and take hits on your profile, or 2) Reply on another entry.

Either way it sucks because your reply has no connection to your previous conversation or entry. You have to first remind them of your entry and they’re previous comment, then explain why you are replying in his round about way, and then make your reply. Then, depending on which option you went with you have to either rack up PMs or have all the comments spread throughout different entries. The CH has to go back and forth between entries to make sense of it. You can pretty much bet you’ve lost them at that point! Not too mention, all of the explaining you had to do in order to even reply + their reply (if you even get one at that point lol) fills up that box too, and you again can’t reply to that either…

It’s pretty much a nightmare…good luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks, @Chasity2ku. My response wasn’t long, just “Thank you for your feedback, I’ll see what I can come up with!” Just opening the window after they’ve sent a comment through a submission, the comment box stretches outside the screen and there is no scroll bar to even move the window to get to the end so I can hit reply. I’ve tried just putting spaces in, but it brings me back the start and won’t let me go to the end. I don’t want to PM them, because I know people often question why you are sending them PMs. And it seem silly to reply to their comment on another submission, because they won’t remember after viewing 500+ names. It’s definitely a glitch because I never had a problem with it before, it’s just started recently.

This may sound silly @BrendaGravermoen, but have you tried a different browser? Sometimes one will behave, while the other will not!

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It’s not that mine were long either, just wouldn’t let me scroll down to access the comment area, or up for that matter. I know it’s a glitch as well because it doesn’t always do it. But oh well…I’ve learned to deal with it on the rare occasion it happens. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thats very true, i do have issues with other browsers somtimes

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There is also a difference if you are working on a tablet vs a pc then rotate back. I change equipment all the time.

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I’ve been using IE from the beginning. It’s what I started with on the internet, oh so many years ago, and I guess I am comfortable with it. I do have to use Chrome for work, though, so maybe I can try on that. I also only ever work on my laptop, and don’t have a desktop any more and don’t even try to use my phone. I’m 51 years old now, for almost 2 weeks, and I’m way too old to try to see that small print on a small screen. lol I’ll just stick with my laptop. Thanks for the responses everyone!



We apologize for the inconvenience, I have notified our Tech Team about the comment box glitch and they will look into fixing that! I also mentioned that you have been using IE so that they see if the problem is related.

I completely understand your comfort with using IE, it is a timeless helpful tool! If I may offer some advice, our SH Team has found through experience that Chrome seems to be most compatible with SquadHelp. It is entirely up to you but in the mean time we will look into this glitch.

Thank you for the post!

-Rachel & The SH Team :blush: