Glitch on the system?

How come other users was able to submit a name which is already taken or registered. I try to submit a name(.com) and said “already submitted by other user” but when I entered it on the other contest the name is already registered.

The one contest may be a name only contest and no domain needed. Or those dumb contests where you can submit a domain name with added junk on the end to get an available domain, yet the brand name is just the name without the extra junk added to it.

Example: domain name: Brand Name: ShirtCompany

so the system will say “ShirtCompany” already submitted by another user, but when you check the name, the EXACT domain may not be available. I think those contests are stupid because really they are just sending people to their competition. no one is going to type in the INC and the customer goes to the other guy.

I am referring to the domain name. When I submit it somebody already entered the name but when I try to submit on the other contest the domain is already registered. I am just puzzled how they can submit it when the domain is already registered or taken.

It depends on the type of contest. What does it say in the ‘Want a .com URL’ field?

It means that the name that corresponded to an already registered url was submitted as a Company name (upper section) by someone else, the system recognized it as a double, and blocked it from being resubmitted as a domain. The url portion of the name, however, in reality was never entered in its busy state but was submitted in the altered form of a domain name that initially appeared as registered.

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maybe they submitted a plural version