Getting to know each other


Hi Magko! My great grandfather was born in a small hameu in Calvados. I"m glad you had a great time in the USA. Next time you come, you must visit the southeast and see our beaches!


In the South East? I know Miami and the Keys. It is so beautiful!
Calvados? It’s beautiful (Deauville, Honfleur, …).


HI Carissa from Kentucky here!!! I am a super newbie to the squadhelp world. I have heard good things about squadhelp and I’m super excited about this new venture. A little about me…
I am a wife and mother of 2 hoodlums (as I like to call them lol) 16yr old son and 13yr old daughter, 2 step-sons 15yrs & 12yrs, 2yr old mini milk goat, 4yr old Boxer/Pitbull and the 2 newest additions 7weeks old puppies. Needless to say it can get a little crazy here. We are big hunters and at the moment we are having buck fever lol.

Thanks so much for accepting me into the squadhelp community :blush:


Welcome Carissa, SquadHelp is a good way to exercise your brain and possibly earn some $ too. Best of luck to you.


Welcome to SquadHelp Carissa. You’ve come to the land of plenty. Break a leg! :blush:


Thank you for the great job you had done over the years so every one can get the -oppurtunities from this great service


Hello everyone. My name is Ugochukwu (lol well it’s an origin name in my country Nigeria) well you can just call me King Ugo which is my username:smiley: , I’m in my final year in university studying mathematics and computer science. I joined SquadHelp this year around July by the help of my friend @willy who showed me his dashboard and i was excited. urghh where do i start, my first month was horrible, i participated in over 100 contests and won nothing, i felt like quitting because it started to become like stress for me, but then i saw the likes of my fellow Nigerians like @WHAYASAY @frenchboy @Promann @Serenade and said to myself " If they can win and be creatives, so can I" and so i continued my journey on SH to my first win in August. Apparently i won 2 times in august and from every month till now, I have won at least 1 contest in a month.
I am really glad to meet all of you guys from around the world, would love to mention some of you but that would be a lot of mentions :sweat_smile: . I am happy that my winning entries has contributed to a company’s brand or startup.
So sorry my write-up is a bit lengthy, would have love to communicate with you guys out of squadhelp but i guess that’s their rules hehe. Once again HELLO:raising_hand_man:


Hi , and belated welcome. Glad you started getting the hang of SH and getting some wins, I’ve been here quite a while and haven’t yet got the hang of it but I enjoy it.
Good luck


Good to know a bit more about you @kingugo123. You also inspire me by the way. Here’s to more success. :grinning:


Nice to meet you too… Ohh really i do inspire you? I think you and the other top dogs inspires me more.


Nice to meet you too Shanna


hi everyone! My name is Artak and I’m glad to join the platform. Amazing source of inspiration!


Welcome @artakmik. Glad to have you. Good luck!


My name is William and I havent managed to win a contest yet but I am always hopeful .My first aim is to get full access


I just moved to a new country and should be getting the required paperwork in the next month to get the block removed


Hi Bill, Welcome and good luck naming it can be addictive for sure but fun and challenging.


Hi Dan and fellow Squadhelpers!
Stumbled across this platform and just a quick note to say it’s a wonderful idea and I feel I have found another little part of my tribe in the world! x


Hello @Darpan and other SH members. Great platform you guys have here. I am still relatively new to SH but I have participated in several contests so far. Had a few love it ratings so far, which is nice.

I’ve been naming brands and buying and selling domains since 2007. Hopefully I can add more of my top tier domains over time but it’s great to be contributing to this great platform so far.


Welcome Dave and good luck to you.


Hello everyone, i’m really excited to be here.
Thanks Dan for creating such an awesome platform and having creatives like me here.
My warm regards to all.