Getting to know each other


Hi Magko! My great grandfather was born in a small hameu in Calvados. I"m glad you had a great time in the USA. Next time you come, you must visit the southeast and see our beaches!


In the South East? I know Miami and the Keys. It is so beautiful!
Calvados? It’s beautiful (Deauville, Honfleur, …).


HI Carissa from Kentucky here!!! I am a super newbie to the squadhelp world. I have heard good things about squadhelp and I’m super excited about this new venture. A little about me…
I am a wife and mother of 2 hoodlums (as I like to call them lol) 16yr old son and 13yr old daughter, 2 step-sons 15yrs & 12yrs, 2yr old mini milk goat, 4yr old Boxer/Pitbull and the 2 newest additions 7weeks old puppies. Needless to say it can get a little crazy here. We are big hunters and at the moment we are having buck fever lol.

Thanks so much for accepting me into the squadhelp community :blush:


Welcome Carissa, SquadHelp is a good way to exercise your brain and possibly earn some $ too. Best of luck to you.


Welcome to SquadHelp Carissa. You’ve come to the land of plenty. Break a leg! :blush:


Thank you for the great job you had done over the years so every one can get the -oppurtunities from this great service