Getting to know each other


Bill you are always so nice to have around, welcomed me from day 1.


blue I said a prayer.


Hi, here I’m Slogana but in the in person world, I’m Lee. I have done in-person product marketing and promotion and have come up with a few successful marketing plans. I have spent most of my life waiting tables and in the customer service field, but recent years were spent in promotion and education which I love. These days, I hope to build or buy a small place I can call home and surround myself with creative people and people that bring me joy. For now, it is a pipe-dream, but a few Marketplace hits who knows? Hope. Meanwhile my wins are rebuilding my beater car from the undercarriage up. Squadhelp at first, was a source of self esteem earned by getting out of my comfort zone, paying attention and learning the trade. It got me through some tough times by a win coming in at a convenient time. It has opened up a whole new world for me both the industry itself, which is fascinating and through learning from contest holders themselves. By researching various industries and countries, it just opened my world bit wider which is always a good thing. It has the added side effect of getting you out of your own head, I root for some of you as much as myself despite needing the money. I owe some of you so much for your generous knowledge. You made becoming a professional writer a realized dream. I feel that while squadhelp may not be a job as it were, it is certainly opening up jobs to me as I sharpen my skillset. It thrills me when my name is chosen. I hope to walk by and see “my baby” on a shelf. I have also found Squadhelp a great conversation starter, as in, “I am a professional namer.”.


Congratulations on your multiple wins, Slogana. I hope you have your little fortress in a forest soon. Keep striving.


What does Apostolic mean?


Good luck, Jose! Welcome aboard.


Hi Everyone, I am LogoMonk and I am very excited to be a part of this creative community full of beautiful people. I am a monk specialized in the art and science of logo which I achieved after meditating almost for decade under the caves of the Himalayas :rofl:. I can summon great inner and outer spirits that will assemble logos that are out of the world.
Hope to have a wonderful stay here. Cheers!


Welcome to SquadHelp @LogoMonk. Could you possibly direct me to those caves where I can meditate and specialize in the art and science of winning contests? Would really appreciate:)


Thank You Bill, Sometimes it all seems so daunting. For now, it is definately a pipe dream. That’s exactly how I picture it, only not TOO far in the forest. These days I’m having trouble getting four tires decent in snow on 15 inch wheels. Words, I can do, decisions, not so much. I feel like Cheedy from The Good Place. Based on my three week tire experience a house might kill me. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, nice to meet you.


Welcome Jose, nice to meet you.


Wish I had half your creativity Dominic. I doodle and write, music, though I tried eluded me.


I had someone ask me what my hobbies were at some point and I said something akin to learning to run a household and they said, that’s not a hobby :slight_smile: well, if you need to learn how to cook and pinch pennies it is :). Domestic engineer is so fitting. We constantly hone that craft too don’t we?


Hello, S: Difficulty is Opportunity, with even fewer syllables. I know you’ll do it. I see a cottage in the city, on 8th Ave. N. I see you there, winning contests daily. Go get 'em.


Welcome to the continent, sir. GoodGoodluck. With courage, with determination, and with love you will prosper. God bless your family.


Bill you keep that vision for me.Someone has to, thanks for the smile.


Its a honor to be part of the Team. Nice to meet you.


@Soni I’ll be visiting the caves soon as the frustration and helplessness of not winning contest is going to haunt me soon :joy: So rest assured i’ll send you a flying carpet for you to join me in our journey to the caves.


Best news yet! @LogoMonk :slight_smile:


Hi! I am French. I worked on the equivalent of Squadhelp in France but the work was rare. I knew Squadhelp 2 years ago.I really like the organization, responsiveness and honesty of this site.I like traveling a lot. And I went 10 days to the United States (I’m still in jetlag).:sleeping: I love this country: I went 4 days in Las Vegas (city where I married 20 years ago … already! …), and 4 days in Los Angeles.This trip was good for me. And I realized that my English has improved since I came on squadhelp!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: