Getting to know each other


Culver I am so sorry for your loss, and In totally understand the need to focus. Very Best Wishes to you


Here is a LITTLE bit of joy to share… One of my chickens hatched a DUCK!!! Happy Spring


Thanks a great deal, Darpan.
Hi everyone…
It is a privilege to be here.


Hi @Darpan and everyone! Nice to meet all of you! My name is Jia Hui, and you can call me Dora. This is my first time ever hearing of such a platform, and I’m glad to be here.


Welcome Dora. Glad you’re here too!


Hello, everyone. It’s been my privilege and pleasure to have participated for more than two years at SquadHelp. I am challenged daily by people much smarter than me. About the 10% surcharge levied by SH for winnings, I think it’s fair and reasonable. I spent 30 years in the commissioned sales game. The company got 90%, I got 10%. Quite the opposite, no? The staff at SH is invariably polite and engaging. I can’t think of a place I’d rather be of an evening than here, at SH, among friends, neighbors, and people needing names. Thanks to you all!


You must be an Apostolic Faith Church member. I guessed righ?t😉


@Darpan and @Dan Wow, it’s been a great pleasure to be a part of this platform, although i joined recently. First off, allow me to introduce myself, I go by the name Peter, a Nigerian still struggling for a living. i’m the man of the house after my father’s demise. With my 20+ experience of life, I’ve found life so hard, But squadhelp came thru, and i feel addicted to it cus’ it’s God-sent…it’s changing my life. SH is my Number 1 hobby now, overriding Reading and video Games​:wink:. Thanks to @Darpan once again and the whole squadhelp community for giving me the opportunity to live again. I hope I win more like y’all and i hope y’all will give me the chance to win​:wink::wink:


Hello, Dan! Hello, all the creatives! I am very glad to feel part of your unconditionally talented society, and is surprised by the atmosphere of warmth and goodwill that reigns on this site! My name is Alexandra, and I live in Russia, in the heart of Siberia. My specialty is the theatrical direction, but it turned out that because of the illness I had to spend a long time at home. In these difficult times, I searched for all possible ways of self-realization; so fate led me to copywriting, and after a while - directly into the naming. After three years of my active and highly productive activities in the Russian-speaking naming, my colleague sent me to your website, which not only quickly showed me “favor” with regard to victories, but also turned naming into an exciting hobby for learning English and, importantly , the mentality of foreign audiences. And I quickly sold 4 domains on the market, which can not but rejoice!) I hope that I will be with you for a long time :slight_smile:


Thank you @Darpan for this great platform. You have touch many lives in many ways all over the world, you have brought so many talented creatives together in this one awesome platform. I am from India and I work as a graphic designer creating boring ad mock ups and completely directed graphics. But here in SH I create logos that come completely out of my love for designing and art. Love this platform!


Thanks for this opportunity @Darpan, you are such a great inspiration.
I’ve always looked for an avenue to showcase my creative ability.
I’m happy, I found you.


Thank you for welcoming me to the community @Darpan. I look forward to contributing my name ideas to your valued customers. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
This is Dominic here. I am so glad to be a part of SquadHelp, such a vast community with all creative minds.
To share a little bit of my background, me, my wife with my little daughter migrated to Canada from Bangladesh in 2011. We have a little son, 3 yrs, currently living in Pickering, Ontario. As a marketing professional, I have always been inspired and passionate about creative designing, arts crafts.
I love designing logos and marketing collateral digitally and also build handcrafted signages with various media.
As a lyricist, composer, guitar player and singer in my language, which is Bangla, I find solace for my soul in words, color, forms, visuals.
Thanks for having me.


A simple but what a great inspirational story,Dan it was great to know you today,Thanks to the guy as well who reported your website on you tube.


Hello fellow Squad Members! My name is Angela,
It’s a pleasure meeting You all, And I am looking forward to working with You all and having an AWESOME TIME doing so. Thank You all for having me, And May You all have a wonderfully, Prosperous Day…


Welcome to the gang @Angela214!
Best of luck to you!!


It is a great pleasure to be a part of this platform, although I joined today. My name is Jose Colmenares, and I live in Costa Rica, Central America. I hope to contribute to the clients of Squadhelp by providing them with my best creations. Nice to meet you all…!!!


I am really inspired by this story, its a reminder of putting your heart and soul in whatever you are doing; and at no giving time should you give up, if you want to make it.
Thanks for the inspiration
I am new here trying to get my creative juice flowing:)
Hi, my name is Kjonashion it’s good to meet you all.


Im so sorry for your loss while dealing with your own health crises, welcome aboard.


Blue Spice life is hard, but beautiful, glad you found us.