Getting to know each other


Happy pre-birthday, Johnny! And congrats!!!


Early Happy Birthday to you ,too!


[quote=“jackieheraty, post:62, topic:2025”]
I didn’t win on my B-day either, but got a win within that week…[/quote]
Me, too! :cake: - :wink:


Well,I thought I came close…as I was loved/shortlisted in a contest just a bit ago…but then just as quick I was unshortlisted and another winner was chosen. But that’s ok! I did win two contests on the same day on the 26th…so I’ll happily settle for that,as you know how seldom that happens!


I was SHORT LISTED with 3 entries… TOP CREATIVE etc… but when the contest was split I GOT ZERO… CH can also do their own split. I know it is frustrating


Happy Birthday Johnny and Congratulations :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Hollygirl !!! :tada::gift:


Happy Birthday Hollygirl…one of our finest :wink: sorry its coming late


Oh…I think you flatter me too much…but thank you! That is very kind!


Happy Birthday, Holly! I meant to send my best wishes earlier (groveling for forgiveness :slight_smile:


Aww…thanks so much,Laura E. Don’t worry,good wishes are always welcome,no matter when they come! I truly appreciate it!


Does anyone know how to get rid of that big C and put my face on it


Deleted - Can’t remember how to change the Profile Picture either. :confused:


@CreativeJohnny if you click on that C at the top right hand corner while in the Forum, there is a menu that will drop down, and there is a preferences symbol (looks like a gear) out beside your screen name. Click on that, and it will take you to a view where you can change that C to your picture.


The way I change my profile picture…is click the camera and upload new one.As for here I didn’t choose one it was automatic.I’ve never tried to change it.Sorry if this isn’t helpful😒


thanks but it just says save changes but doesnt give a way to change it


Hmm, ok, idk then. That’s how I changed mine, but you’re right, that feature seems not to work anymore.


You’re doing a great job for all of us, thank you on that!


Happy birthday, Hollygirl! I wish you new and beautiful victories!


How sweet…thank you! Thanks to all who gave me good wishes! :0)