Getting to know each other


Hi Dan! Thanks for your story.

You asked me to introduce myself: My new display name is Cloudwalker. I live in Florida, and am a lyric writer for my musician fiance. If you have any interest, I can send you our webpage and YouTube addresses. I love animals and word games. I also love the idea of helping businesses name themselves and/or their products, etc. In fact, a couple days ago I helped a new band come up with a dozen potential names that suited their criteria at one of the member’s request. It was fun and he was very appreciative. I’m looking forward to joining my fellow namers in the contests!


Inspiring…I Like I like


Nice to meet you Dan! I’m going to think of Cody every time there’s a goof. LOL. Great introduction. : )


Love You Guys Coolest Ever, love the positive vibes


I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s[quote=“Commulinks, post:40, topic:2025, full:true”]
@Dan @Darpan
I already posted my response to your original message but I wanted to tell you that SH came into my life during some very (very) dark days and it has helped me on a whole other level than I can even explain (especially in a public post). But I did want you to know that because I know sometimes people don’t understand why creatives come here and spend time doing this based on a “potential” win. Every person here has a story about why and what SH is doing for them. I doubt that you knew when you created this that it would have deeper meaning to the creatives who come here…but it does. It SO does. I also failed to mention originally that I live in the gorgeous Colorado mountains after living in several other places.

Grateful, that’s what I am.

When I read your post I had to jump in and say hi! I am grateful as well. This is the best platform i’ve seen. Gives creatives purpose and a place to do so.


Excuse my manners. My name is Bridget. Nice to meet you Dan and everyone else!


Hello! I’m Shannon :wave:t2:


Thank you so much DAN for sharing your life and thereby making us a part of the Squadhelp family in the first instance itself… The brand name itself has Help in it which carries the very essence of humility and togetherness within it…To tell a bit about me I am Soham…and i am a creative soul… I love writing poems and songs and i play the guitar as well… I would wholeheartedly try to contribute to the values and ethics of Squadhelp from the core of my heart and the depth of my soul… Sharing some words i have written with the entire Squadhelp family :slight_smile:

I spoke to my shadow, you know what it said It said thank God im alive coz ur dead Now how could i be alive if i was really dead These thoughts incessantly brisked past my head

Gradually as i thought deep Few rays of light out of the darkness did peep I asked my shadow how could this be true And it replied, “The answer lies deep within You”

              • Looking forward to that cup of coffee someday somewhere… Originality of Passion, Mind of Obsession, Soul of Creation… SOHAM


Hi Dan, nice to put a face to the company. I’m glad to be here!


Thank you for creating Squadhelp I love being a part of it,

lost my husband Steve Nov '16, and my breast cancer (that I originally had in '96) returned during the last weeks of Steves life. On Jan’16 I had a Mastectomy.

I love Squadhelp because it has given me something to focus my mind on which is really so important at the moment, and it also brings a little joy to my life when I win.

I love the concept, I love how simple it is to use and I love that it’s helping me through a difficult period in my life.

I’m telling all my family and friends about it and encouraging them to give it a go!


Best wishes to you @culvercreative!!


Hi Dan, I am a newbie in this industry. I have discovered your site when I was busy with doing my digital marketing work. I was looking for some blogs and suddenly Squadhelp appeared. I fall in love with your startup and already started doing affiliate marketing for your site. Hope very soon I will get my commissions.

Best of luck to Squadhelp.


Hey, Dan! Hi all! I have many friends on your site and I’m glad, too, to join your interesting community! In creativity for more than ten years, and although a big problem with the English language, I hope in time to be useful here! Live in cold enough places where a lot of snow in winter, but also mushrooms and berries in the summer. Like rafting through the beautiful taiga rivers, basketball, Darts and athletics. I love to read Isaac Asimov, Clifford Simak, Robert Heinlein, Mark TWAIN, ray Bradbury and many other American writers and writers from other countries. An engineer-chemist-technologist. Hello everyone!


Good Morning and welcome. Sounds like you live in a great place with the berries and mushroom hunting. Good luck here, there are plenty of people with a talent for naming. Shanna


It’s my birthday today! Isn’t there a policy that you get a free contest win if it’s your birthday? lol!


@hollygirl Happy Birthday!!
Yes, that should be the policy! :slight_smile:


Happy birthday, Hollygirl :cherry_blossom:!


well mines in two days but I got a win early :wink:


Happy B-Day Holly. Happy Early B-day CreativeJohnny.
Holly, I didn’t win on my B-day either, but got a win within that week, so don’t hold out hope yet.


Happy Birthday Holly!!! Yes, there is an unspoken, unofficial rule that you should win on your birthday! I won on my birthday last year!!! So you should, too!!!